‘American Idol’ Contestant Chayce Beckham Releases Personal New Track, ’23’

Chayce Beckham recently advanced into the American Idol Top 5 and now, he’s sharing a very personal story with fans…


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May 14, 2021

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Chayce Beckham; Photo by ABC, Eric McCandless

Chayce Beckham recently advanced into the American Idol Top 5 and now, he’s sharing a very personal story with fans with the release of his autobiographical single, “23.” 

The song finds Beckham reflecting on a difficult time in his life and his decision to sober up following his struggles with alcohol abuse. 

“Now I’m 23 and there ain’t nobody who can drink like me/ Soon I’ll be 24 and the lord knows that/ I can’t drank no more/ I know I shoulda taken it slow/ It’s not the way that my life goes/ Now I know/ When your passed out on the floor/ You’re sober by 24,” the Apple Valley, Calif. native sings on the chorus. 

Beckham is set to debut the song live on American Idol this Sunday, May 16. 

Chayce Beckham has been quite open about the hard times he’s faced in recent years throughout his time on Idol. He previously shared a story about a life-changing moment that led him to get sober. 

“Recently, you know, a lot of crazy things started happening in my life. I’ve lost loved ones. I made a lot of bad mistakes. I’ve hurt people that were close to me,” he explained during the show. “It’s just been a rough, rocky road the last year or two, trying to pull myself out of a place that I didn’t wanna be in.”

But one day, everything changed. 

“I thought I was at rock bottom, but one day, I had a few drinks too many and thought it was a good idea to try to, you know, drive home,” he went on to share. “I got into a bad wreck, ended up on the side of the highway upside down. I finally woke up and came to, and I remember looking up and there was nobody there to pull me up, there was nobody there to be like, ‘Come on, dude.’ That was the worst night of my life.”

Now, in the midst of his Idol journey, Beckham is ready to lay it all on the line. 

“This is all or nothing for me. I feel like everything has literally led up this point, right here,” he said. 

Chayce Beckham was an instant fan favorite when he auditioned. He’s gone on to sing songs such as “Magic” by Coldplay, “July” by Noah Cyrus and “You Should Probably Leave” by Chris Stapleton. 

Fans can tune in to American Idol this Sunday at 8/7c to watch him perform “23.” 

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