Chayce Beckham Advances To ‘American Idol’ Top 24 Following Chris Stapleton Cover

Chayce Beckham 
Chayce Beckham; Photo Courtesy ABC/ American Idol
Chayce Beckham 

Chayce Beckham showcased his unique vocals with a gritty cover of Chris Stapleton’s “You Should Probably Leave” during American Idol‘s Showstopper round on Sunday evening (March 28). 

Judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were on hand to deliver feedback, while Lionel Richie watched his performance from home. 

“There’s been something about you, it’s gritty, it’s real… You sound like a guy that operates heavy machinery. You’re not putting on a show, you’re just Chayce Beckham,” Perry told him before offering a bit of criticism about his performance. 

“Showstoppers was not your finest moment,” she said. “Now was the time to play the Ace.”

Beckham acknowledged that he didn’t deliver his best performance, telling her, “That’s one regret that I have.” 

The “Never Really Over” singer went on to share her praise for his parents, who encouraged him to join the show. 

“When we first met you, you said your mom was the one who signed you up,” Perry recalled. “It’s amazing that you have parents that can see something inside of you that you can’t see inside of yourself.” 

“I’m lucky, I’m really lucky,” Beckham shared. 

“No, you deserve it,” Perry corrected him. “When you start believing what your parents believe about you, and what we believe about you, is when you are going to do whatever the heck you want.”

His fate on Idol was then revealed.

“You get one more play,” Perry said. 

“Not bad for an old Apple Valley boy, call your mama,” Bryan later added. 

Beckham was overcome with emotions. 

“My heart’s beating out of my chest right now,” he said. “I’m losing it inside right now, guys. I’m sorry.” 

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday on ABC.