Blake Shelton Praises Ian Flanigan’s ‘Iconic’ Vocals Following Jamey Johnson Cover On ‘The Voice’ Finale

Ian Flanigan and Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Ian Flanigan and Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Ian Flanigan and Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of NBC

Standout The Voice contestant Ian Flanigan once again showcased his unique vocals with a performance of Jamey Johnson’s Top 10 hit, “In Color.”

Prior to taking the stage for his first of two finale performances, Flanigan, 31, admitted, “I cannot believe I’m here in the finale right now. I did not see this coming.”

Though Flanigan may have been “shocked” by making it to the season 19 finale, his coach, Blake Shelton was not surprised that he made it this far.

“It’s not that often that somebody comes along that we haven’t heard anything like before,” the country superstar shared, adding, “I have absolutely no doubt Ian can win this show.”

Flanigan was surrounded by personal family photos as he performed the CMA and ACM award-winning song.

“Ian, we all love you so much on this show,” John Legend shared after Flanigan’s performance. “We appreciate your voice, the distinct character in your voice. No one sounds like you.”

Shelton agreed, telling Flanigan, “I made the comment the other day when we were working together. I don’t know if Ian is from the past or from the future. There’s never been anybody that sounds like you. Even though you are new, it’s iconic sounding.”

The Oklahoma native said he believes that America will vote for him and that he will eventually be able to purchase his dream home.

“I have a good feeling, no matter what happens, you’re gonna be able to get that house and get out of that motorhome,” he said.

Fans can vote for Ian Flanigan by visiting the official The Voice voting website, casting a vote via The Voice‘s official app or voting from their Google Assistant. There is a limit of 10 votes per artist per method.