Blake Shelton’s Farming Adventures Continue: From Tending Beans To Calling Ole Red Orlando

Shelton is embracing his new-found freedom.


Lauren Jo Black

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June 21, 2023

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Blake Shelton; Photos via Instagram

Blake Shelton appears to be loving life on his Oklahoma farm and is taking full advantage of his new-found free time after exiting The Voice

Just one day after ringing in his 47th birthday, the country superstar took to the fields on his tractor to tend to his beans. 

Shelton shared a selfie from the tractor as well as a photo from his point of view and simply captioned his post, “Beans boys…. Beans…” 

According to Oklahoma State University, now is the perfect time to harvest green beans wax beans, and pole beans, however, Shelton didn’t clarify what kind of beans he was growing. 

In the midst of tending to his farm, Blake Shelton paused for a moment to make a call into Ole Red Orlando in celebration of the location’s third anniversary. 

Ole Red shared the video of the phone call via Twitter.  

“Orlando got a surprise call from the boss man last night,” the caption read. “Thanks for takin’ a break during some farmin’ for us, @blakeshelton!”

In the video, Shelton appears to be wearing the same thing he wore while tending to his beans. 

“I just wanted to call in and say happy anniversary. That’s our third, third-year anniversary. Do you know that?” 

Someone off-camera corrects Shelton. 

“Was it yesterday,” the “No Body” singer questions. “Well, I’m changing it to today!” 

The audience laughed as the off-camera voice said, We wanted to wish you a happy birthday from Sunday.”

Blake Shelton; Photo via Twitter
Blake Shelton; Photo via Twitter

Shelton responded, “Well, thank you. We’re both a couple days late, I guess, but better late than never.” 

With a big smile on his face, the ACM and CMA Awards winner continued, “I’m actually out here on the ranch in Oklahoma, just putting down some hay, working on the tractor and thought I’d take a little beer break and call in and say happy anniversary.” 

Shelton is known to share updates from his farm. Earlier this spring, he coined a new farming term while plating corn and shared it with the world in a hilarious selfie-style video.

“Instead of saying something stupid like “I’m going to plant corn with my Kubota.” I have created the word “cornota”. “Honey I’ll be back later! I’m going to cornota..” Holy shit it’s brilliant!!!  #kubotacountry,” he captioned a social media post.

“It is the great day of Corn,” he says as he stares into the camera. 

He went on to quote his song, “Corn.”

“Corn in the truck, corn in the field,” he sings. 

Later, he shared a photo of his tractor and wrote, “How was your day? Oh just fine! Just been out doing a little cornotaing..”

This isn’t the first time Shelton has shared videos from his Kubota tractor. In August of 2022, he made headlines when he sang Jason Aldean’s 2001 hit, “Amarillo Sky” while plowing his land.

Shelton proved he is an avid fan of corn when he released a song called “Corn” on his latest album, Body Language. The song was co-written by Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins, Matt Dragstrem and Craig Wiseman.

“Corn in the truck, corn in the field / Corn in the bottom of a moonshine still / Corn in a kettle, corn in a skillet / Corn in a jug, hot damn you can feel it / Corn for the chicken, corn for the deer / Corn for as far as you can see around here / From the Ohio River to the northern Platte / Every highway, byway, hey, look at all that corn / All that corn,” Shelton sings on the tune’s chorus. 

Blake Shelton wrapped his time on The Voice this spring, but he has plenty to keep him busy. 

On top of his stepdad duties to Gwen Stefani’s three sons, his show, Barmageddon, is set to return for a second season and he has a handful of tour dates on the books. 

Shelton’s next scheduled appearance is set for the Jam Ranch in Mack, Colorado on Thursday, June 22. 

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