Blanco Brown Makes a Comeback With A Series Of New EPs After Near-Death Experience

Following a tragic motorcycle accident in 2020, Brown is back with a new perspective on life and music.


Lexi Liby

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May 21, 2024


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Blanco Brown; Photo by J. Kaviar

Blanco Brown recently dropped his highly anticipated EP, Heartache & Lemonade. Marking a new chapter in his career, the four-track project serves as a reflection of Blanco’s journey through pain and recovery following his tragic 2020 motorcycle accident.

Heartache & Lemonade came from working through the pain of that wreck that I went through in 2020. Turning those bigger moments into something sweet, which is music,” Blanco said. “I want to show the world that anything negative that you go through can turn into something positive.”

Blanco Brown - Heartache And Lemonade
Blanco Brown – Heartache & Lemonade

The EP proudly holds on to his signature genre-bending sound, showcasing his versatility as an artist who effortlessly crosses genre boundaries. All part of the same vein, this EP doesn’t steer away from Brown’s unique fusion of country and hip-hop, distinctively known as ‘Trailer Trap.’

“I love crossing genre boundaries and I love experimenting,” Brown said. ”It’s always been in my DNA. I was one of those kids that had a perfectly good remote control car and I took it apart to see if I could put it back together again. Needless to say, they never worked, but I think I got it right with music.”

Through his music, the Georgia native hopes to tell his own stories, but also the stories of those around him. 

“I feel like I love to express things, even if it isn’t my story. I love to give people perspectives to think about, things to digest, and new ways of getting out of dark spaces.” he explained. “A lot of my music is testimonies, whether they’re mine, family members or people around me. Sometimes I’ll talk to a stranger and for some reason, they’ll share all of their stories. They’ll tell me precious things that they never share with anybody. I’ll take what everybody’s going through and turn it into an album.”

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Originally envisioned as a 12-track album, the project evolved into a series of three EPs with four songs each. Standing as the debut release, Heartache & Lemonade features tracks titled ‘Energy,’ ‘Tailgating in the Sun,’ Good As It Gets,’ and ‘Sunshine Shine.’

“My label chose to do it this way because they felt like I had a whole bunch of good songs to release,” Brown shared. “That just goes to show you how much the music has grown and where I am now in my testimony. This was my introduction to the real world, done in the correct way. We didn’t want to put anything in a box and have it get lost in consumption.”

Coming off of the heels of Heartache & Lemonade, Brown’s second EP, Cedar Walls & Whiskey, is assured to continue this musical narrative. This four-track EP provides insight into Brown’s childhood and showcases his producing talent.

Blanco Brown - Cedar Walls And Whiskey
Blanco Brown – Cedar Walls & Whiskey

“I’m most excited about the next EP. It’s called Cedar Walls & Whiskey. My first single is ‘Snapshot ‘written by the legendary Diane Warren,” Brown revealed. “She was so excited about how I produced the record. She didn’t even hear the record being produced like that. When I sent her my version of her masterpiece, she said, ‘The vocals are amazing and the production is out of this world. I can’t believe you flipped it like that.’”

Having the opportunity to produce the EP is something Brown is very excited about.

He shared, “I know I’m a producer at heart and I just love surprising people and seeing what their thoughts are on my take. I have some amazing tracks on there also, so I look forward to people getting a taste of what I have coming. The premise of ‘Cedar Walls & Whiskey’ is I grew up around cedar walls and project walls. Then the whiskey to me, is something that you feel in your chest and it makes you think. So they go hand-in-hand. When I think of cedar walls, I think of whiskey, and when I think of whiskey, I think of cedar walls.” 

Blanco Brown inspires fans by reminding them that hope exists in every breath and that working towards your purpose will ultimately be more rewarding than anything. 

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