Bobby Bones’ Underwater Emergency Air Supply Drill Almost Went Wrong During an Episode of ‘Breaking Bobby Bones’

Breaking Bobby Bones airs on Sundays on National Geographic.


Carena Liptak

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June 11, 2021


10:10 am

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Bobby Bones in diving gear at the Divers Institute of Technology. (Credit: National Geographic/Gil Cano)

In every episode of his new National Geographic show, Breaking Bobby Bones, multi-media personality Bobby Bones finds new ways to face fears and conquer scary situations. Some of those scenarios are more extreme than others: For example, this clip from the show’s upcoming June 13 episode shows him struggling to breathe during a commercial diving expedition.

It all started when Bones traveled to Seattle to meet Marina, a commercial diver who works on the bottom of the ocean floor doing construction. Of course, Bones suited up to join her for a day at work, but before their dive, they had to test out the emergency air functions to make sure Bones would know how to turn on his own air supply in an emergency.

To get a taste of what happens next, watch the snippet of the episode below, exclusively on Country Now.

“There’s many different unknown factors that can result in you losing your main air supply,” the diver tells Bones in the clip. “I need you to practice this now so you don’t panic underwater. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna shut your air off, and you’re gonna turn your emergency air supply on.”

But for Bones, it wasn’t quite as easy as simply turning on his own air supply. Instead, he started panicking, repeating “losing my air” as Marina coached him through the terrifying process of feeling his air supply slip away underwater.

YouTube video

Spoiler alert: Bones made it out of the show’s filming alive. Still, he’s not afraid to show his struggles throughout each episode. He explains to Country Now that watching him work through his fears is a big part of Breaking Bobby Bones, not only so that the audience can enjoy watching him freak out, but also as proof that it’s okay to push through discomfort in order to achieve personal growth.

“If you know my background at all, you know I didn’t have the easiest background. But it’s always to watch me fight through uncomfortability,” he explains, citing another episode where he faces his fear of heights by hanging off of the edge of the Grand Canyon.

“It was awful. And I was trembling,” Bones admits. “But the reason I did it was to show that I can still push myself, too. I wanted people to see the stories in every episode, and hopefully feel inspired. We’re all going through something, and all have been through hardship.”

Breaking Bobby Bones airs on Sundays on National Geographic at 9PM CT.

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