Breland Recruits Sam Hunt For ‘My Truck’ Remix

Is ‘My Truck’ the next ‘Old Town Road?’


Lauren Jo Black

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April 24, 2020

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Sam Hunt, Breland; Photo via YouTube

Breland, the newest country-trap sensation, has teamed up with Sam Hunt for a remix of his massive hit, “My Truck.”

The up-and-coming singer/rapper is quickly making a name for himself with the viral track, which was originally released independently on social media and became popular on TikTok. Following the release of the song, Breland soon caught the attention of Atlantic Records, and now, “My Truck”  is taking on a whole new life with the addition of Hunt.

The genre-bending country star co-wrote the “My Truck” remix with Breland, Troy Taylor, Kalvin Austin, Devon Barton, Edrick Miles and Tatiana Zeigler. The new version features a new verse from Hunt, who also appears in a new video for the collaborative track.

“AC busted and the floorboards rusted/ With a little bit of loving it’ll fire right up/Paid 8 for it woulda gave 8 more/ I wouldn’t trade that sucker for a million bucks/ Tell them boys come and get me/ I be riding through the city/ Young rich and I’m pretty/ Homie don’t get it twisted,” Hunt sings.

With the success of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Old Town Road,” the door for artists like Breland (and collaborations like this one) is wide open. Breland, however, hopes to continue down this country-trap path, while it appears Lil Nas X has his sights set on other things.

“Lil Nas X clearly showed that there’s a demand for this sound,” Atlantic VP of A&R Ian Hunter recently told Rolling Stone. “But almost immediately [after ‘Old Town Road’], [Lil Nas X] put out a rap record. I don’t believe that Breland is like him at all. This isn’t a gimmick. I asked him right off the bat, ‘Is this what you’re doing, or do you think you’re gonna switch to some other genre?’ And he was like, ‘No, this is what I love. I’m influenced by country music, R&B, and hip-hop, and this is the lane I want to be in.’”

Breland, who resides in Atlanta and is the son of two gospel singers, believes the genre categorization of music is a thing of the past.

“People often like to categorize things,” Breland, 24, told Rolling Stone. “It’s an easier way for our brains to process them. But, at the same time, it can get in the way of our ability to actually enjoy certain things. The categorization of music is really something that stems from the way that we used to consume music, which was by genre and by category. If you went into the record store, everything was broken up by genre and style, so chances are you weren’t gonna veer too far from whatever style of music you came up listening to.

“There are certain songs of mine that may make you say, ‘This is a country song.’ You may say, ‘This is a hip-hop song.’ Ultimately, I think that’s a good thing. It’s progress. I think the less we feel the need to put labels on music, the less we feel the need to put labels on people. That’s how we move forward in culture.”

Click above to watch the video for Breland’s “My Truck” remix featuring Sam Hunt.

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