Sam Hunt’s ‘Southside’ Album Cover Happened Completely By Accident

Sam Hunt; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Sam Hunt; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Sam Hunt; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Sam Hunt recently shared the story behind his Southside album cover, revealing that it happened one Sunday entirely by accident.

The inconspicuous album artwork features Hunt sporting white sneakers, khakis and an open flannel shirt while standing in a driveway holding a dog on a leash. A red truck is parked next to him, while a garbage can is positioned on the opposite side. In a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, Hunt revealed that there was no formal photoshoot for the album cover, it just happened.

Sam Hunt - Southside
Sam Hunt – Southside

“I took that picture on the way home from church and we pulled up to my brother’s house and we were testing that spot out and I happened to be holding the dog and the picture that we took ended up being the album cover,” he explained. “I had some other ideas, different set of clothes, maybe a different way of doing my hair.”

As for the dog on the leash? “That’s Kai,” Hunt shared. “He’s a husky that we have here at the house. We’ve had him for a year-and-a-half.”

The superstar rolled with it and that shot became the album cover of Southside, which would go on to have the biggest country album debut of 2020 so far.

Southside includes hits such as “Body Like a Backroad”, “Drinking Too Much”, “Downtown’s Dead”, “Kinfolks”,  “Sinning with You” and Hunt’s latest single, “Hard To Forget.” Each track was co-written by the multi-platinum superstar.

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