Brett Eldredge Shares Incredible On-Stage Moment With His Dad On Father’s Day

Brett Eldredge has the No.1 song in country music right now and he celebrated the big news in the best way possible.

Eldredge’s latest hit, “Love Someone,” reached the top of the charts on Sunday, which happened to be Father’s Day, so the country star brought his dad on stage to commemorate the occasion.

“I’ve never had a number one song in country music on the same day as Father’s Day, so we’re gonna sing the number one song,” Eldredge told fans as he and his father took a seat on the catwalk. “My dad’s gonna put this microphone out to all of y’all and we’re gonna sing it together. Y’all wanna do that?”

The crowd erupted with applause.

“You don’t have to sing. You can’t sing very good,” he joked with his father as fans laughed along.

After that, they all began to sing “Love Someone” in unison, making for an incredible moment for Eldredge, his dad and everyone in the audience.

After the show, Eldredge shared the video and took time to thank his dad “for showing me that I am capable of all of this.”

“Love Someone” is featured on Eldredge’s self-titled album, released in 2017.

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