Brett Young Was Almost a Contestant On ‘The Voice’

With the new season of The Voice set to premiere on September 23, Brett Young is opening up about his…


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September 16, 2019

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Brett Young; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

With the new season of The Voice set to premiere on September 23, Brett Young is opening up about his experience with the reality singing competition.

“I auditioned for The Voice three times and never got the callback either time,” the “Catch” singer reveals.

When he realized that going on the show just wasn’t in the cards for him, Young packed up and moved to Nashville with hopes to launch his country music career there. Just as he was getting settled in Music City, Young finally got a response from the show.

“I got an email saying, you know, ‘We reviewed your tapes, and this season was kind of light, in terms of talent, and you can skip the audition process and move straight to the blinds, to TV. We would love for you to come be a part of the show.’”

Since there was nothing holding him back in Nashville, Young accepted the invitation.

“I said yes, and I went and did the psych evaluation and everything in L.A.,” he explains. “It was like less than a week before I left that I had my first meeting with Big Machine.”

As fate would have it, Young ended up securing a record deal with BMLG Records and ultimately didn’t follow through with appearing on The Voice. If things didn’t work out with Big Machine, however, Young would have gladly appeared on the show.

“I would have done it, absolutely, and would have been so grateful for the opportunity,” he shares.

He may not have appeared on The Voice, but things have worked out pretty well for Young so far. He’s already earned five chart-topping singles and his latest single, “Catch,” is making its way up the charts now.

Young’s latest album, Ticket To L.A., is available everywhere.

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