Brett Young Seeks Fatherly Advice Ahead of Baby Girl’s Arrival

Brett Young is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in his life – fatherhood! Earlier this year, the country…


Melinda Lorge

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June 14, 2019


8:54 am

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Brett Young and Wife; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Brett Young is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in his life – fatherhood!

Earlier this year, the country hitmaker announced via Instagram that he and his wife Taylor Mills are expecting their first child in the fall. Now that the “Catch” crooner knows there’s a baby girl on the way, he says he’s come to the conclusion that his home is going to get a bit of a makeover.

“Initially, like, happy tears and excitement,” Young explained of his first reaction to finding out the baby’s sex. “But a couple of days after the realization came to me that I’m gonna probably have to get used to a lot of pink in my house – not just having a girl but the first one being a girl. Not like there’s gonna be some pink and some blue in the house. We’re gonna have a pink house.”

Despite the invasion of pink, Young says he and Taylor, whom he married in November of 2018, didn’t favor one gender over the other when it came down to finding out the child’s sex. They just want their incoming bundle of joy to be “healthy.”

“For me and Taylor, we didn’t have a preference because we want to have more than one child, and at the end of it we’d like to have at least one of each,” Young said enthusiastically. “But we really didn’t care what this was. We just wanted a healthy baby. And so, because we had no expectations it made it more fun because you have really nothing on the line. You just get to be excited and surprised.”

Speaking of surprises, Young and his bride will likely face a lot of new changes and challenges to their routine when their baby arrives. Luckily, Young is getting some advice from a few of his buddies before the little princess’s due date.

“I’m the first one to admit that I need help and so I’m asking anybody that will listen and give advice,” he admitted. “It’s so funny all of my close guy friends, my manager, one of my best friends that was in my wedding, they’re pregnant with their second girl – they’re gonna be two girls as well – and they all told me before we knew the sex of the baby, they’re like, ‘We know it’s gonna be a girl.  You’re a girl dad.’  And so I’m like, ‘Well you put that out into the universe, now I have a little girl comin’, so you gotta help me with this.’ But all of them say it’s the absolute best. And from what they say, it’s right up my alley and I’m going to love it, so I can’t wait.”

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