Brett Young’s Daughters Are Making the Holidays Extra Magical: ‘I Think This is the Year Where the Traditions Start’

This time last year, Brett Young and his wife Taylor were gearing up to tell their families that they were…


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December 13, 2021

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Brett Young and Family; Photo via Instagram

This time last year, Brett Young and his wife Taylor were gearing up to tell their families that they were expecting their second child — a daughter named Rowan, who was born over the summer. That made Christmas extra special, Young remembers as he looks back on the 2020 holiday season.

“The cool thing about last Christmas was we knew we were pregnant, so we gave gifts to the grandparents that were ornaments letting them know we were pregnant with grandbaby number two,” he recounts.

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But there’s something equally special about this holiday season, he continues: The couple’s older daughter, Presley, is getting to the age where she can start to understand and participate in Christmas traditions.

“Presley was born in October, so this’ll be her third Christmas, even though she’ll be barely past two,” he explains. “Even last Christmas, you know, she was a little over a year old…..[she] wasn’t really at a stage where — we got her presents, and she tried to help — but a one-year-old’s not really unwrapping presents, you know?”


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Now that she’s a little older, not only will Presley be able to unwrap her own presents, but she’s more cognizant of the festive activities that will be going on around her. “She’s talking, and she’s active, so I think this is the year where the traditions start,” Young says.

The family isn’t entirely sure what those traditions will be yet. Through his own childhood memories, he’s learned first-hand that some of the best traditions are the quirky, unique ones that happen entirely by accident.

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“My dad was a pastor, and [every Christmas Eve], a woman from my dad’s church would make him homemade tamales. Not a Christmas dish,” Young explains with a laugh. “We would have tamales every Christmas Eve. And then my mom, every Christmas day, would make homemade chili. Not a Christmas dish. But it was, like, our Christmas thing.”

Now, Brett Young is excited to start developing some holiday traditions with his own young family that are unique to them. “I think this is the first year where Presley’s old enough where things’ll start locking in, and they’ll become traditions,” he relates. “I don’t know what those’ll be yet, but I’m excited.”

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