Brian Kelley Yearns for Small-Town Simplicity In New Song ‘Dirt Cheap’

“The moment I heard ‘Dirt Cheap’ I knew I had to record it,’ the country singer shared.


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September 1, 2023

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Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen

Brian Kelley longs for the joys and simplicities of a small-town lifestyle in his new song, “Dirt Cheap.”

Released on Friday, September 1 via Big Machine Records, the Dann Huff-produced song struck a chord with Kelley as it embodied the true nature of the authentic country classics that evoke such passion from artists like himself. Plus, he explained that, in a way, he can relate to the heartwarming storyline of a couple looking to trade the hectic city lifestyle for simpler days on land they can call their own in a town “where you leave them doors unlocked” and get “million-dollar views” for free. 

“The moment I heard ‘Dirt Cheap’ I knew I had to record it. It reminded me of some of my favorite Country songs growing up that really pull at your heartstrings. As much as I love the beach, I love the country too. This song matches and meets me where I’m at in life currently,” Kelley shared via press release. 

“Dirt Cheap”

YouTube video

He continued, “I’m working hard, so in love with my wife Brittney, and always keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect ‘Dirt Cheap’ property of our own. I am so thankful this song landed in my world, and I hope it resonates with those who hear it just like it did with me.” 

Despite living a beachside lifestyle as a Florida native, the DIAMOND-selling superstar still finds harmony in the classic country tunes that center around dirt roads, good ol’ boys and learning to slow down in a constantly moving world to appreciate the small things. Kelley’s newest release penned by Seth Ennis, Wyatt McCubbin, and Andy Sheridan does just that with its smooth, down-to-earth melody and up-tempo blend of acoustic guitars and a vibrant steel guitar. 

“Hey, let’s go / Get some roots digging / Stock the pond up for some honey hole fishing / Do a little prayin’ and a whole lot of livin’ / And some kissing on a front porch swing / If you want to slow things down / break a little ground where the green grass grows and the fresh air’s free / Girl, I reckon we outta be headed where they’re still selling / Dirt cheap,” Kelley sings in the chorus. 

Celebrates Small-Town Life

Brian Kelley - Dirt Cheap
Brian Kelley – Dirt Cheap

“Dirt Cheap” marks yet another release from Kelley since embarking on his solo journey, and serves as a follow-up to his current single, “See You Next Summer.” The former member of country music duo Florida Georgia Line recently brought the single to life in his solo television performance debut on ABC’s Good Morning America

On Tuesday, August 8, he brought the breezy summer anthem to the GMA stage while donning a Canadian tuxedo and white cowboy hat. Bright lights flashed across the set while images of a tropical beach appeared in the background, setting the tone for the mid-tempo song penned by David Garcia, Michael Hardy, and Hillary Lindsey.

Also produced by Dann Huff, “See You Next Summer” marked the Florida native’s first time in the most-added position at Country radio as a solo artist with 80 first-week stations launching the song via Big Machine Records. 

“See You Next Summer”

YouTube video

Working On An Album

Both of Kelley’s latest tunes give fans a glimpse into his forthcoming debut album as a solo artist. When it comes to selecting songs to include in this next collection of work, the “Made By The Water” singer says he’s following what he calls the “Garth and Kenny model.”

This means that he’s striving to write as many of his own songs as he can, while also being open to recording outside cuts by his fellow songwriters. Kelley previously discussed this creative process during an in-depth Q&A session with American Songwriter that took place during CMA Fest in Nashville. 

“There’s no ego here, it’s best song wins,” he explained. 

 “Dirt Cheap” or “See You Next Summer,” both serve as a great example of this process because while he didn’t write them, the tunes are still a great fit for his catalog. 

Brian Kelley on the Close Up Stage at Fan Fair X on Saturday, June 10 during CMA Fest 2023 in downtown Nashville; Photo by Josh Brasted/CMA
Brian Kelley on the Close Up Stage at Fan Fair X on Saturday, June 10 during CMA Fest 2023 in downtown Nashville; Photo by Josh Brasted/CMA

So far, Brian Kelley’s solo venture has also produced songs like “American Spirit,” “Florida Strong,” “Made By The Water,” “Sunday Service In The Sand,” and more. 

Brian Kelley will get to showcase these songs and more during his upcoming performances in Orlando, FL on September 11. Then, he will make his way to the UK on September 28 for the inaugural country music festival, Jags Country.

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