Brian Kelley’s Wife, Brittney Speaks Out About Serious Privacy Issue: ‘Please Respect Us’

If this doesn’t stop, Brittney says they may be forced to get the authorities involved.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 20, 2024

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Brian Kelley, Brittney Kelley; Photo Courtesy Instagram

Brian Kelley’s wife, Brittney Kelley, has taken to Instagram in a desperate effort to try and resolve a privacy issue that has been interrupting their lives at home “week after week.”

What Has Been Happening At The Kelley Household?

She revealed that someone has been flying a drone over their house and they are now pleading with that mystery person to “PLEASE STOP” capturing footage of their personal space. If the problem is not resolved, they will be forced to get the police involved. 

Brittney Kelley, Instagram Stories
Brittney Kelley, Instagram Stories

“It’s been week after week. Our home is the only place we have privacy & we don’t want to have to come find you with the Sheriff and make it awkward.”

Brittney explained that when they are stopped in public, they are “happy” to interact with fans, however, they understandably wish to keep the confines of their home out of the public eye. 

She concluded her message by saying, “Please respect us. We are happy to say help in public but the drone hovering over our private home & watching us at the pool etc. is very invasive. Please stop 🙏🏼.”

Brian Kelley, Brittney Kelley; Photo by John Shearer, Getty Images for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Brian Kelley, Brittney Kelley; Photo by John Shearer, Getty Images for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Brian Kelley Speaks His Truth In “Kiss My Boots”

The husband-and-wife duo and co-owners of the clothing brand, Tribe Kelley, recently returned home from their “memorable week” overseas, where Kelley performed as part of the annual C2C: Country to Country Festival. The Florida-raised country singer also recently announced that his debut solo album, Tennessee Truth is dropping May 10 and offered listeners a sneak peek with his newest song, “Kiss My Boots.”

Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen
Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen

As Kelley put it, the single which he co-wrote with Dylan Guthro and Blake Redferrin, evolved from an “extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time” in his life. He went on to explain that he opted to pour his hurt and frustrations from a past experience into lyrics that allowed him to tastefully speak his mind without having to put any names or particular event on display. This allowed Kelley to find healing and he’s hoping the track will bring the same freedom to his listeners. 

“’Kiss My Boots’ is a song about a relationship,” he admitted in a candid YouTube video. “It’s a song about betrayal, and it’s a song about, for me, getting my power back and saying how I feel, saying what I think, and owning that in a song. I’ve learned so much about songwriting over this record cycle. ‘Kiss My Boots’ is another example of just continuing to show up. You never know what you’re going to get. You never know what idea you’re going to land on. And as a songwriter, as an artist, you always want to put your truth into songs. You always want to leave a little bit of yourself and as much as yourself in these songs. And that’s what I did. I poured my whole heart out and left it right there on the table.”

YouTube video

Debut Solo Album Dropping May 10

“Kiss My Boots” serves as a follow-up to songs like “See You Next Summer,” “Dirt Cheap,” “How We’re Livin’,” and “Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer,” all of which are expected to appear on his Tennessee Truth album dropping this spring. 

Produced by Dann Huff, the highly anticipated project will feature 12 new country anthems, eight of which Kelley had a hand in co-writing. Each song offers a look into various chapters of Kelley’s life through love-filled lyrics, nostalgic summer anthems, and most importantly, his raw honesty. 

Brian Kelley - Tennessee Truth
Brian Kelley – Tennessee Truth

Over the weekend, Brian Kelley performed his first show back in the U.S. in Chatanooga, TA. For the remainder of the summer, he will perform at various festivals across the country, including Tortuga Music Festival, CMA Fest, Watershed, Voices of America Country Fest and more. 

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