Brittany Aldean and Katelyn Brown ‘Get Real’ With Caroline Hobby

Brittany Aldean, wife of country superstar Jason Aldean, and Katelyn Brown, wife of country superstar Kane Brown, joined Caroline Hobby for a live taping of her popular Get Real podcast at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Nashville on Monday (Feb. 24).

The women covered a variety of topics during their hour-long chat, including life on the road, juggling motherhood with their busy schedules, how they navigate social media and cope with the harsh comments they sometimes receive, life at home with Aldean and Brown and so much more while their husbands watched from a special VIP area.

Brittany Aldean; Photo by Osprey Media
Brittany Aldean; Photo by Osprey Media

Prior to the podcast taping, Country Now caught up with Hobby, who gushed over the chance to chat with them on her podcast.

“Now, Brittany and Katelyn have become superstars themselves,” Hobby told us. “They have huge fan followings, they have so much wisdom to share. They are social media gurus, beauty experts, the sweetest people.”

Brittany Aldean, Caroline Hobby, Katelyn Brown; Photo by Osprey Media
Brittany Aldean, Caroline Hobby, Katelyn Brown; Photo by Osprey Media

Hobby’s Get Real podcast has featured a number of country music wives since its inception, including Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, Scotty McCreery’s wife, Gabi, and Tyler Hubbard’s wife, Hayley.

“It has grown so much over the past few years,” Hobby shared of the podcast. “I started interviewing wives of country music stars because I am married to a country music artist, Michael Hobby of A Thousand Horses…”

Her podcast took off and is now one of the most popular podcasts among the country community.

“I started interviewing some wives and the listeners loved it and wanted to know more. You fall in love with the superstars, but really, the wives are the ones that go into bed every night next to those superstars. They are impacting so much of their lives. They are the ones the superstars bounce everything off. These wives have huge careers, ideas and platforms of their own and so, I started exploring those women and it has been a blast.”

Katelyn Brown; Photo by Osprey Media

Now, Hobby finds herself chatting about anything and everything with who’s who in Nashville.

“Touring life, home life, I’m now a new mom, so I have all of these different things that I am experiencing like other artists’ wives are. It’s kind of a small, little club. We are all in this interesting little life, but it’s all so fascinating to hear about,” she explained.

Fans can keep up with Brittany Aldean, Katelyn Brown and Caroline Hobby on Instagram. Fans can stay tuned to Hobby’s podcast for the upcoming episode.