Brittany Aldean Takes Advantage Of Jason Aldean’s Arachnophobia With Hilarious Prank

Jason Aldean; Photos via Instagram

Brittany Aldean took full advantage of Jason Aldean’s fear of spiders and we cannot stop laughing.

Brittany pulled off not just one – but two – pranks involving spiders and captured it on video for all to see.

First, Brittany scared Jason while watching television on the couch at home by making him think there was a spider in his seat.

“You’re gonna make me break my damn leg,” he tells her when he realizes it was all a joke. “That’s some dirty sh*t right there.”

Next, Brittany corners Jason in a closet and has him open a box to get her ring out. Something, presumably a spider, hops out at him and he’s not happy.

“What the f***,” he says as the box pops open and Brittany bursts into laughter.

Watch it all go down in the clip below.


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I love taking advantage of his arachnophobia 😎🕷🕷🕷

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Jason Aldean is making the most of his time at home. The superstar recently returned to the studio to begin work on his tenth sudio album.

His new single, “Blame It On You,” is at country radio now.

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