Brooke Eden Releases ‘Outlaw Love,’ Her Boldest Project Yet

“I hope these songs empower you to live your life out loud,” Eden shares.


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June 13, 2023


2:24 pm

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Brooke Eden; Photo by Ford Fairchild

Brooke Eden released her four-track EP, Outlaw Love, on Friday, June 9. The project is a personal statement of unapologetic love and resilience as well as her most confident and commanding project yet.

“From the fear that comes from being in a secret relationship to the joy of fully embracing love, Outlaw Love takes you on a journey of owning your power,” says Brooke, who co-wrote each of the four tracks on the EP. “I hope these songs empower you to live your life out loud, even if it makes you an outlaw.”

Eden brought her music to the Hard Rock Stage at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this past week and she performed on NBCs TODAY show on Monday, June 12. To celebrate the EP’s release, Eden sang the title track “Outlaw Love.”

“Outlaw Love” is an anthem that claps back at anyone who thinks they have the right to tell you who to love, advising them to “leave the judgin’ to Jesus.” Eden very passionately reflects on her relationship and her personal life through the chorus of this song.

“Let ‘em board up all the chapels, say that we ain’t welcome there / We’ll just fly to California, put some flowers in my hair / They can say what they wanna say / They can do what they wanna do / But they can’t outlaw bein’ in love with you,” Eden sings. 

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While her other song “Chills,” incorporates her R&B Pop influences, this romantic song describes how someone can make you feel butterflies, no matter the situation. From the twangy beat and rhythmic flow on “Whispering” to the harmonious and evocative “All My Life,” Eden continues to shine throughout this four-track project. 

The Florida native is known for her energetic stage presence, and her Outlaw Love EP is nothing short of Brooke’s purely authentic, glowing self that perfectly captures her artistry and personal story. 

“The record goes from the beginning of mine and Hilary’s relationship when a lot of people knew about us but we weren’t allowed to tell our own story because we were kept in the closet, to our first-dance song that I wrote for our wedding,” Eden tells Yahoo. “This is definitely the deepest I’ve dug with my music, and the realest I’ve been about the real shit that went down. And I’m really, really proud of it.”

Co-written by Brooke, and produced by Lindsay Rimes (Kane Brown, Kelsea Ballerini, Thomas Rhett), Outlaw Love is available at all streaming and digital platforms now.

Brooke Eden - Outlaw Love EP
Brooke Eden – Outlaw Love EP

Outlaw Love Tracklisting:

Produced by Lindsay Rimes

1. All My Life (Brooke Eden, Forrest Finn, Nolan Sipe)

2. Chills (Brooke Eden, Cameron Bedell, Breland, Noby Sidez)

3. Whispering (Brooke Eden, Brandon Day, Willie Morrison)4. Outlaw Love (Brooke Eden, Lindsay Rimes, Emily Weisband, James McNair)

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