Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson Spark Viral Trend With New ‘Thicc As Thieves’ Dance 

“Shake that big ole butt you got,” Wilson shared as she prompted fans to join in on the dance through their own videos.


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June 13, 2023


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Lauren Alaina, Lainey Wilson; Photos via Instagram

In honor of their collaborative release, “Thicc As Thieves,” Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson have taken to social media to encourage their fans to grab their “thicc bestie” and jam out using the new dance they’ve created. 

“What’s up, y’all? We hope you love our new song, ‘Thicc As Thieves,’ celebrating women and their curves,” Alaina began. “Grab your bestie, we have a dance, we’re gonna post it.”

“Shake that big ole butt you got,” Wilson added.

In a following post, the female country stars/longtime friends put their dancing skills on display as they kick up their boots, show off some shimmies and own their curves. The trending moves were perfectly choreographed to match the point in the song that finds Wilson and Alaina paying tribute to Luke Bryan’s signature track, “Country Girl (Shake it For Me).”

They sing, “Right kick, left kick, (uh huh) shimmy, shimmy, shimmy (woo) / Bell bottom, high rise, gimme, gimme, gimme (Hey Lainey, what’d that Georgia boy say about us country girls) / Right kick, left kick, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy (Didn’t he say somethin’ about shakin’ it) / Bell bottom, high rise, gimme, gimme, gimme / Country girl shake it for me girl (Little right kick, left kick, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy) / Shake it for me girl (Bell bottom, high rise, gimme, gimme, gimme) / Shake it for me.”


Grab your thicc bestie and do the Thicc As Thieves dance 🍑 Tag us so we can see ya shakin’ it with us!!! @laineywilsonmusic #thiccasthieves #thicctok #dance #countrymusic #laineywilson #thicc #cmafest #dumptruck #doubledumpy

♬ Thicc As Thieves (feat. Lainey Wilson) – Lauren Alaina & Lainey Wilson

Fans took to the comment section to praise the country singers on their catchy new tune and hip-swaying dance moves. One user even predicted that this will become the “next viral TikTok dance.”

Another wrote, “This song WILL break the internet and blow the speakers in my car and boat.”

Bryan also made himself known in the comments as he wrote, “Let’s go” in support of Wilson and Alaina. The American Idol judge and “Georgia boy” is credited as a songwriter on “Thicc As Thieves,” alongside Lauren Alaina, Rocky Block, Dallas Davidson, Jacob Durrett, and Parker Welling. 

During a recent interview with iHeart Country, Bryan revealed his reaction to his popular party anthem being included in the empowering tune. 

“I was very flattered that they asked me to kind of have a part of it,” Bryan shared before he went on to boast about each of the female artists’ talent as he said, “I think Lainey is, I think she’s just so great for country music and I’ve been a fan of Lauren Alaina…I mean, she has one of the best voices in the world.”

“Thicc As Thieves” serves as a comedic ode to the female country stars’ curves as they boast about their high-waisted jeans and bell bottoms that only accentuate their “thick” assets. Bryan’s tune shares a similar energy of not taking life too seriously, and having fun while also embracing who you are. 

“You know, my biggest thing is, it’s a fun song for them. ‘Country Girl (Shake it For Me)’ was a fun song for me, it was a fun song for the country girls out there that were shaking it and their song is a fun song for girls that got a little something to shake,” he added. 

Throughout the song, Alaina and Wilson’s southern accents shine with great confidence. Their voices come together in a string of effortless harmonies as they showcase their tight-knit friendship and also poke fun at their similar body shapes. 

“We’re thicker than our accents, thicker than our hair / Thicker than the Georgia and Louisiana air / Thicker than molasses from the patches to the seams / Stealing hearts is in our jeans / Us southern girls, we’re thicc as thieves,” they deliver on the chorus. 

YouTube video

“Thicc As Thieves” appears on Alaina’s brand-new EP, Unlocked, which dropped Friday, June 9. This six-song collection marks her first release since signing to Big Loud Records and follows 2021’s Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World, which spawned fan favorites like “Getting Good” and “Getting Over Him” with Jon Pardi. 

Created by an assembly of Nashville talents, Unlocked includes cuts by artists such as Cole Swindell, Ella Langley, and Luke Bryan, as well as hit makers Josh Osborne, Parker Welling, and Hunter Phelps, and some up-and-coming newcomers Emily Landis, Rocky Block, John Byron, and Lydia Vaughan among others. 

This project serves as Alaina’s reintroduction to the world as she unlocks a whole new chapter of herself both personally and professionally as a 28-year-old. 

“It’s been 13 years since we first met, and until a couple of years ago, I don’t know that I ever slowed down for more than a day or two at a time,” Alaina reflected in a press release. “I spent more time with the people that matter most to me – my family, my fiancé, my friends – during that period than I had in years. This music comes from my heart and my hometown. I am who I am because of where and who I come from, and I’m more me today than I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to unlock this next chapter with you.”

This summer, Lauren Alaina is slated to hit the road for a slew of performances at various fairs and festivals before she joins the North American leg of Pentatonix’s World Tour. 

Click HERE to view a complete list of her upcoming tour dates. 

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