Carly Pearce Gives Sleazy Men the Cold Shoulder In ‘Next Girl’ Music Video

Carly Pearce 'Next Girl' music video; Photo via YouTube

Carly Pearce’s “Next Girl” music video is here and it does not disappoint.

The songstress teamed with director Seth Kupersmith to bring the tune to life with a music video that depicts Pearce playing several characters and interacting with various men at a bar. The video is an exaggerated version of what women sometimes go through when enjoying a night out.

“This video was so fun to make! I feel like most of us have either been on the receiving end of these ridiculous advances or have witnessed them,” Pearce says. “And while I truly hope the lyrics help the ‘next girl’ know that a jerk’s actions are not her fault, I also wanted to mix some of the often experienced pick-up techniques with a little humor. Come on, do these really work?!”

Co-written by Pearce alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, “Next Girl” serves as a warning to the “Next Girl” who ends up with a womanizing man. It’s an all too familiar storyline that many women can relate to: getting swept off your feet by someone who says and does all the right things…until he doesn’t.

“I bet you probably met him at a bar/ Let him walk you to your car, I bet/ He said he never falls this hard/ Yeah I remember that part/ He knows how to say all the right things/ Knows how to get you outta that dress/ Knows how to make you think you’re the best thing/ But I know what happens next, girl,” she sings on the chorus.

With its ’90s inspired production and fierce message of female empowerment, “Next Girl” is destined to be Pearce’s next big hit.

Click above to watch the brand new music video.

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