Carly Pearce Issues Warning To the ‘Next Girl’ In Brand New Single

“You’re gonna think it’s love, but it’s NOT,” she sings.


Lauren Jo Black

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September 3, 2020

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Carly Pearce; Photo by Allister Ann

It’s a big week for Carly Pearce. Not only did the songstress earn an impressive four CMA Awards nominations, but she also finalized her divorce to Michael Ray and she’s preparing to release a brand new single – her first since her sophomore album dropped in February.

“Next Girl,” the follow-up to her chart-topping and CMA nominated hit, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” marks the beginning of a new chapter for Pearce, both personally and professionally. Out at 12 am ET on Friday (Sept. 4), the new single serves as a warning to the “Next Girl” and finds Pearce getting back to her country roots.

Inspired by her ’90s country heroes like Reba McEntire, Pam Tillis and The Chicks, “Next Girl” tells a story many women can relate to: getting swept off your feet by a womanizer who says and does all the right things.

“I know what happens next, girl,” Pearce warns.

The CMA Best New Artist nominee offered some insight to the track during a recent interview with American Songwriter, acknowledging that it’s a situation some woman know all too well.

“You know we’ve all been both of these girls,” Pearce said. “You’re young, you think it’s magic. You’re grown and you know better.

“How many times have you gone to a club and watched this happen? It’s so predictable, just look around. But for all the looking, how many times have you ever said anything?”

Described by American Songwriter as a “banjo-soaked tumble that could be deemed a ‘Sister’s Keeper’ kind of song,” “Next Girl” was co-written by Pearce alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

“You’re gonna think it’s all your fault, It’s just a switch that he turns off/ You’re gonna think it’s love, but it’s NOT,” she sings.

Pearce hopes the song will inspire women to look out for one another.

“So, this is my way of being the big sister, or the sassy girlfriend to all the other girls out there in the dating jungle. Maybe if we all looked out for each other, we’d end up with a little less heartbreak and a lot more laughter.”

“Next Girl” will be released at 12 am ET on Friday (Sept. 4).

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