Carly Pearce Loved Having Michael Ray In Her ‘Closer To You’ Video

Carly Pearce continues to make waves with her catchy single, “Closer To You.” While she didn’t have a hand in…


Lauren Jo Black

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June 17, 2019

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Carly Pearce and Michael Ray; Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Carly Pearce continues to make waves with her catchy single, “Closer To You.” While she didn’t have a hand in writing the love song, she fell in love with it immediately because it translated to everything that was happening in her life at the time.

“A lot has happened to me in my personal life,” Pearce previously told Forbes, referring to her relationship with fellow country star Michael Ray. “I heard that song and immediately connected on so many different levels. I never intended for my singles to completely mirror my life, but they really have.”

By the time “Closer To You” started climbing the charts, she and Ray were engaged. So naturally, she thought of her fiancé when she was on the hunt for a male co-star for the music video.

“I didn’t feel like I could have anybody else in the ‘Closer to You’ video just because it’s all about him,” she explains. “I got engaged and I don’t think anybody wanted me to be intimate with another guy, and I certainly didn’t. That felt weird.”

The Kentucky native loved having her future husband in the clip and admits it made things run a bit more smoothly on set.

“It was a lot easier to be with him versus maybe the guy I was in ‘Every Little Thing’ music video with,” Pearce says. “That was a little awkward because we jumped into bed right after we met. But it was interesting to kind of tap into acting with him and trying to make sure that we were playing the right characters for the video. But he’s so fun and funny that it was very easy to be happy and laugh.”

Pearce and Ray will likely tie the knot soon. Earlier this month, she told People that they were “getting close” to finalizing their wedding plans. She also revealed that it will be an intimate affair, attended by their “close family and friends” only.

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