Celebrate National Rum Day With Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum

It’s National Rum Day! What better way for those of us who are 21+ to celebrate than with Kenny Chesney’s Blue…


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August 16, 2022

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Kenny Chesney; Photo Courtesy Blue Chair Bay Rum

It’s National Rum Day! What better way for those of us who are 21+ to celebrate than with Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum?

The award-winning brand, inspired by the lifestyle of the country superstar, is an authentic Caribbean rum that tastes like summer and goes down smooth. With natural ingredients that embody Chesney’s love for island life, the current varieties include Spiced, White, Coconut, Banana, Coconut Spiced, Vanilla, Key Lime Rum Cream, Banana Rum Cream, Mango Rum Cream, Pineapple Rum Cream and Coconut Spiced Rum Cream. (A new flavor, Mocha Rum Cream, is coming soon!)

From the signature Island Girl to the refreshing Key Lime Colada and sweet Peanut Butter Martini, here are three must-try Blue Chair Bay Rum recipes. 

Island Girl 

• 1.5 oz. Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Rum
• 1 oz. orange juice
• 1 oz. pineapple juice
• 2 oz. lemon-lime soda

Build ingredients directly into tall glass with ice. Want produce? Add an orange slice and cherry.

Key Lime Colada

• 1 oz. Blue Chair Bay® Key Lime Rum Cream
• .5 oz. Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Rum
• 1 oz. pineapple juice
• 1 oz. orange juice
• 1 oz. cream of coconut
• 1 cup ice

Blend all ingredients together, pour into a cup rimmed with coconut flakes, and garnish with a lime wheel and a cherry.

Peanut Butter Martini

• 3 oz. Blue Chair Bay® Banana Rum Cream
• 3 oz. Reese’s-infused Vanilla Rum
• 2 oz. chocolate liqueur
• ¼ cup peanut butter, for rimming
• ½ cup crushed Reese’s pieces, for rimming
• 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups, for garnish
• 2 tbsp. chocolate syrup

Reese’s Infused Rum:

Combine vanilla rum and Reese’s pieces in a glass. Cover with lid and shake. Refrigerate overnight, then strain.  


Rim 2 glasses with peanut butter and roll in crushed Reese’s pieces. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then pour over strained rum, rum cream, and chocolate liqueur. Shake until chilled. Drizzle chocolate syrup into glasses and garnish with a peanut butter cup.

Blue Chair Bay Rum is hitting the road on a bus tour in support of Chesney’s Here and Now 2022 Tour. The tour bus has been serving up samples and special photo ops in various cities around the U.S. since April 1.

Fans can click HERE to view the full schedule. 

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