Chase Wright Proves He’s a Musical Risk-Taker with Debut Album, ‘Intertwined’

Country newcomer Chase Wright understands the power that goes into lunging and leaping to make it to the finish line….


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November 29, 2021


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Chase Wright; Photo by Jason Myers

Country newcomer Chase Wright understands the power that goes into lunging and leaping to make it to the finish line. Before the 200-meter dash track star channeled his energy into his artistry, he was lacing up his running sneakers and waiting for the thrilling bang from the starter pistol to cue him to start chasing his goal. The same drive and confidence he once applied to each race is now evident in his craft. His competitive and hungry for greatness mindset shaped by his coaches, teammates, family, and friends is what encouraged him to step into the highly competitive world of music in full force.


For his first introduction into the country music space – Wright’s mission was to deliver a well-rounded collection that represents the type of man he is, while also giving fans a taste of his unique upbringing. While pulling from real-life experiences, Wright developed his buzz-worthy 10-piece debut record, Intertwined. 

Chase Wright; Intertwined
Chase Wright; Intertwined


In 2018, Wright put his creative wheels in motion and started reflecting back on his simple life in Lebanon, Indiana, to pen his project. Leading up to the release date in early November of 2021, the breakthrough artist spent time perfecting his sound and sitting on the lyrics to guarantee that each song delivers a relatable, yet personal storyline.


Wright told Country Now that he would often get persuaded to take new approaches while working on fresh music in the writing room. “When I first started coming to town, people I would write with would say things as far as lyric changes, and I would just sort of go with it,” shared the budding musician before he developed a new sense of confidence in his songwriting. “I think that just being able to be like ‘No, I’m telling you I need to be honest with this whole feeling and what happened.’ I think the honestly transcends, and it makes me proud of the work because it is so real.”


After advocating for himself and his creative rights, his music reached new heights. Wright developed a devoted fan base of over 280K on TikTok alone and logged nearly 50 million career streams to date with recent releases – “Why Can’t It Be Over,” “Why Should We,” and “Wish You’d Miss Me.”  

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Wright’s rapid rise to fame does not come as a surprise. He pushed country music boundaries by keeping the integrity of a traditional county song, but included modern pop-centric elements. While carefully crafting the record, he looked towards some of his musical inspirations and how their sound transformed over time in order to stay relevant in the fast-moving music scene. However, he took note of how the country legends grew as vocalists, but stayed true to their roots.


“Over time, country music sonically has changed so much. I listen to Garth Brooks and George Jones, and they sound really different – but they are both country artists. What stayed true throughout the evolution of country is their very meaningful lyrics,” says Wright, full of passion and knowledge. “So, even though a lot of my songs have various elements that you might hear in EDM, Pop, or Rock songs, it comes from a real place. I fit under the country umbrella, but I could also release a pop song,” he concluded.

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The Nashville newcomer has proved with his title track “Intertwined,” that he does not want to be pigeonholed to one genre of music. The smash-hit that was penned during Thanksgiving time last year alongside Alyssa Bonagura and Jared Keim – was inspired by two good friends who experienced the harsh reality of a breakup. While making minor life adjustments and claiming back independence, they realized how interconnected their lives were with their significant other.


Wright explained how important it was to have a female writer on the project, as her perspective rounded out the track. Once it was completed, he revealed that he felt like the song was missing something …. “I originally wrote the song with Alyssa Bonagura, and she’s a [country] artist, but we really wanted to capture a different audience,” The creative musician shared about the song’s genre crossover potential. “I contacted a couple of people on my team to see if they knew of any strong female pop vocalists. We came across Canadian Pop singer-songwriter Delaney Jane, and we listened to a couple of her songs. I didn’t even need to listen to know that’s she was an absolutely perfect fit for it.”


While he may be new to the country music game, he continued to express the importance and pressure on his shoulders to generate captivating material constantly. There is a lot of anxiety that comes with a release,” says Wright. “You’re always trying to create something new and different. However, it is really awesome to see your growth and see people respond to the growth.”


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As he developed a name for himself within music city with his genre-bending sound, he also thought of innovative ways to tell his story and to get his music heard. Just in time for the holidays, Wright put out his debut album on a black and white vinyl – that is a must-have on any wishlist.


“We’re doing a limited edition version, and it’s a photo collage of over 250 pictures of the most influential people or moments in my life. I wanted to put those on the first run of vinyls, because there are so many things that led me to this moment to creating this first record,” shared the star in the making. “I feel like it really ties [no pun intended] well with the title Intertwined. It’s anywhere from family members, coaches, old teammates, and even influential moments in my life like running track or college graduation. I haven’t seen it done before, and it’s kind of like a scrapbook of my life on the front of this cover.”


With the reminiscent record on the market, he also announced his first seven-city “Nashville Hits the Roof” tour that will simply prove that he can turn his social recognition into an adoring fan base. Entry to the show is free of charge, and the dates to see him live out his country music dream is available here.

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