Chayce Beckham Releases Heart-Pounding Song, ‘Little Less Lonely’

Beckham co-wrote the track with Lindsay Rimes and Matt Rogers.  


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September 7, 2023


3:41 pm

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Chayce Beckham; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Chayce Beckham recently released a new song titled “Little Less Lonely.” The dynamic new tune was released in appreciation of his fans and in celebration of his breakout song, “23,” climbing reaching the Top 25 on the country radio charts. 

Showcasing his authentic songwriting with relatable lyrics, “Little Less Lonely” depicts two dejected people looking to forget their worries for the night, while drinking tequila.

“And pour a little more tequila / And drown a couple broken hearts / And pull you in close and dance to every song that comes on in this bar / The more we tip this band the longer we stay / The more we forget about why we came / The more we talk I get a little more lost in the neon in your eyes / And a little less lonely tonight / And a little less lonely tonight,” Beckham belts out in the chorus. 

Chayce Beckham - Little Less Lonely; Design by Allan Geiger
Chayce Beckham – Little Less Lonely; Design by Allan Geiger

The two heartbroken individuals know their past relationships are done and over with, so they hold on to the possibility of finding love with someone new. By the second verse, they have taken a liking to each other, deciding to stay out all night long. 

“Goodbye sucks, but girl, so what? / He’s gone, she’s gone, and we got us right now / This place stays open late / And it don’t matter how long we stay out / I can call you a cab when you need it / But it don’t seem like you wanna leave yet / Things are goin’ our way, girl / So if it’s all the same girl,” Beckham sings. 

Chayce Beckham co-wrote “Little Less Lonely” with Lindsay Rimes and Matt Rogers.  

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The release of “Little Less Lonely” follows the debut of Beckham’s official music video for “23.”

“23,” tells the personal and true story of Beckham’s life before auditioning for American Idol. It is a gut-wrenching tale about a man taking hold of the bottle to endure the hardships of his life. It was initially released during Beckham’s American Idol season where he was crowned the champion. After returning to American Idol last Spring, he was surprised with a Gold plaque for the debut single. 

Chayce Beckham; Photo by Matthew Simmons
Chayce Beckham; Photo by Matthew Simmons

“When they said that “23” was gold, I never, that wasn’t on my radar that the song was anywhere near gold or I don’t even know how you get a gold record these days,” Beckham explained in a recent conversation with Country Now. “I was totally caught off guard. And yeah, it was definitely a super, super meaningful moment just to have Luke give it to me. He’s been a part of my career since I left the show, so it’s just cool memories and it just feels like a good accomplishment.”

Beckham is on the road with Luke Bryan for his Country On Tour and will soon join Bryan on his annual Farm Tour.  

In addition to touring with Luke Bryan, Chayce Beckham is also headlining his own tour and creating even more new music.

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