Chris Janson’s Emotion-Filled ‘Bye Mom’ Music Video Tells a Real-Life Story About Unconditional Love

Chris Janson recently released a music video for his emotional new single, “Bye Mom,” and it’s guaranteed to tug at…


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October 20, 2021

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Chris Janson, Bye Mom

Chris Janson recently released a music video for his emotional new single, “Bye Mom,” and it’s guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings. 

The Spidey Smith-directed clip showcases the real-life story of co-writer Brandon Kinney, who tributes his late mother by portraying their story in the music video. Kinney’s real-life wife plays the role of his mother and his children play out the roles of younger versions of himself. 

“I hope the ‘Bye Mom’ video brings back memories that everyone can identify with,” Janson shared in a statement. “This song is really about going through different stages of life and feeling that special kind of unconditional love. It was especially important to me to have Brandon and his family star in the video because it’s his real story. Nobody could’ve provided the real emotion better. His whole family really ties it all together. I’m humbled by them, thankful and so proud.”

Co-written by Janson with Kinney, the poignant track was penned following the death of Kinney’s mother earlier this year. “Bye Mom” serves not only as a touching tribute to Kinney’s mother, but also as a reminder of the value of true unconditional love.

The lyrics follow the storyline of a mother and child through a lifetime of school drop offs and graduations to the moment when she passes away, leaving her child crying by her gravesite.  

“Oh, that’s just the way it is/ When you think you grown, but you’re still a kid/ And you don’t know you’re somebody/ That somebody loves more than themselves/ And there’s a beauty in the innocence/ Of not knowing that the time they’ve spent/ Is more than one could ask for/ And that’s a special kind of love/ And it’s only there for a lifetime, then it’s gone/ And it’s bye mom,” Janson emotionally sings on the chorus. 

Chris Janson - Bye Mom
Chris Janson – Bye Mom

“Even though it was written as a tribute to one special person, I think this song is universal,” Janson previously said. “At its core, ‘Bye Mom’ is about unconditional love – ‘you don’t realize you’re somebody that somebody loves more than themselves.’ Whether it’s from a mom or someone else, everyone deserves to experience that kind of love.”

“Bye Mom” serves as the lead single from Janson’s forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced fourth studio album. 

Click above to watch the brand new “Bye Mom” music video. 

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