Chris Lane Embarks On Exciting New Musical Era, Says New EP Is ‘More Me’ Than Anything He’s Released So Far

The country star shared that this project is just the start of all the new music on the way.


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 30, 2023


4:17 pm

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Chris Lane; Photo by Robby Klein

Chris Lane has just released a new EP, marking the beginning of what he considers some of his most exceptional work in his career thus far.

The country star recently announced that he’s inked a deal with his new label home – a partnership between Jay DeMarcus’ Red Street Records and Voyager Records, a label started by Lane himself. While discussing this new venture with Country Now, Lane revealed that he has been busy writing music and is excited to start sharing it with the world, beginning with his latest EP, From Where I’m Sippin’.

From Where I'm Sippin'; Photo by Robby Klein
From Where I’m Sippin’; Photo by Robby Klein

It’s been five years since fans have gotten a new body of work from the hitmaking artist, and with this collection, he introduces five brand-new tunes, four of which he had a hand in co-writing. This track list offers a fresh take on love, breakups, and the reality of navigating with a partner, something that rings true to Lane as a husband of four years to his wife, Lauren.  

“Personally, I feel like this EP is more me than any body of work that I’ve ever released,” Lane admitted.

Writing More Songs Than Ever Before

The North Carolina native recalled spending most of his early career focused on touring, as opposed to writing his own music, but within the last few years, a lot has changed for him personally and professionally. In turn, he’s found himself making a stronger effort to pour his thoughts, emotions, and life experiences into his own songwriting. 

“Over the last two years, I’ve taken a lot of time away from the road to be a dad, and it gave me the opportunity to prioritize songwriting a lot more than I ever have in my entire career. And I truly do feel like these are, again, just the start, but I feel like these are some of the best songs that I’ve had throughout my entire career,” Lane said honestly. 

Even just a few days following the release, he admitted to feeling confident in this project after seeing such positive reactions from fans.

“For me, finding a perfect work-life balance, it’s still a work in progress, but I think at the end of the day it gave me a chance to write these songs that I would have never had had I not had done that,” he added. 

Climbing The Charts With “Find Another Bar”

Find Another Bar, Chris Lane; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram
Find Another Bar, Chris Lane; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram

Produced by Derek Wells with additional production from Michael Lotten, the project shines a light on the latest from Lane’s impressive catalog including “Way To Go Girl,” “Betcha,” the mid-tempo, carefree title track and the previously released lead single “Find Another Bar.”

Lane has become known for delivering a slew of love songs throughout his career, including fan favorites like “For Her,” “Take Back Home Girl,” “I Don’t Know About You,” and “Big, Big Plans.” However, he takes on a slightly different direction with his current chart-climbing single, “Find Another Bar,” which illustrates the feeling of losing not one, but two important things you love after a breakup. 

Co-written by Lane with Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach, the mid-tempo tune tells the story from the perspective of a guy who wishes his ex would find a new hangout spot so he doesn’t have to cross paths with her on his nights out.

“It’s country music, you gotta have at least one good breakup song. I felt like this was a new way to write one, and I was proud of it,” Lane shared. “It was just the first song that we decided to throw out off of this project and yeah, loving the fact that people are loving it, but obviously thankful to have five brand new ones out there now.”


While “Find Another Bar” continues to see success on the radio, another track that has been claiming the hearts of country fans is “Mistake.” Lane recently took to social media and asked his followers which songs off the EP they have been loving and an overwhelming number of fans highlighted this heartfelt tune. 

“I’m very excited about it because…I’ve been trying to put it out for three years now so I’ve held it very close to me. I’m probably most proud just from a songwriting perspective on this song. I feel like we had some great melodies and great wordplay and I feel like it’s very difficult to do because, you know, you can only write about love in so many ways before it feels like I’ve written this song a million times before. I felt like this one kind of stood out because when you look at the title, you think it’s completely different than what it’s going to be.”

He continued, “I’m so thankful and so glad that people are really taking to this song. Just from early reactions right now, my gut instinct tells me this is going to be, thus far, the biggest song of my career.”

Incorporating Lauren Lane In The Visualizer

YouTube video

Co-penned by Lane with Josh Miller and Michael Lotten, “Mistake” finds the country star crooning over the fact that “nothing comes close” to the blonde-haired woman in front of him and because of that, he knows that losing her would be a big “Mistake.” 

This song was recently brought to life in a new visualizer that showcases sparks flying between Lane and his other half. The pair appear to be happy as can be in the casual date-night setting as Lane keeps Lauren close, leaning in to make sure she hears every word of the catchy tune.

“Lauren, she does not love the limelight, I will say that, but she was a fan of this song, so I was able to get her to agree to be in the visualizer with me,” Lane said while reflecting on the new video. “I said, ‘baby, I need for you to do this because this song is obviously about you, so it makes the most sense for you to do this.’ And she agreed, so yeah, glad to have her be a part of it.”

Full-Length Album On The Way

Chris Lane explained that with this new chapter of his career under Red Street Records and Voyager Records, he hopes to “get the most music I’ve ever recorded out in the fastest way possible.” With that, he also hinted that From Where I’m Sippin’ is just a glimpse into a new full-length collection in the works.

“No one is more excited than I am and I’m so thankful to have such a great partner with Red Street. You know, I was out on tour with Rascal Flatts for all those years, so I got to know Jay really well and [I am] super thankful that him and I get a chance to work together. It’s been a beautiful partnership so far.”

Chris Lane has spent the last few months touring the country, performing his hits and more at various festivals and headline dates. He has several more dates on the books that will carry him to the remainder of the year, including his next stop at the Country Bay Music Festival in Key Biscayne, FL on November 11. 

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