Chuck Wicks and Wife Kasi Expecting ‘Miracle’ Baby After Infertility Struggles

Chuck Wicks, Kasi Williams
Chuck Wicks, Kasi Williams; Photo via Instagram
Chuck Wicks, Kasi Williams

Chuck Wicks and his wife, Kasi, will soon be the parents of a baby boy after experiencing months of infertility struggles.

The couple opened up about the issues they faced when trying to conceive with People, revealing that after several months of negative pregnancy tests, they learned that Wicks suffered from male infertility. With hopes to help other couples experiencing similar issues, Chuck and Kasi shared their story and explained how they turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive.

“As a man, the last thing you want someone to tell you is you can’t do this,” Chuck confessed to the publication. “It makes you feel small. It makes you feel like you’re not a man.”

After tying the knot in July of 2019, the couple quickly realized getting pregnant was not going to be easy. Wicks sought out medical attention and over the course of several months, his sperm was frozen for the upcoming IVF. Unfortunately, on the day of the egg retrieval, they hit a road bump when Chuck’s freshly produced specimen were deemed unusable and they were told none of his thawed specimen had survived the freezing process. Doctors attempted one last ditch effort to save the sperm and soon, they couple got good news: two sperm came to life and were ready for the IVF process.

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I have a dreamed of this moment for a long time. I’m so excited to share with all of you that @kasirosa and I are HAVING A BABY!!! It has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. We had to take the IVF route to get it done and we wanted to share our story with all of you of our journey because infertility is a real thing and can effect anyone for many different reasons. We are so thankful for the IVF process and our amazing Drs. and nurses. Sending prayers and all the positive vibes to anyone going through a difficult time bringing a baby into the world. We know how it feels to want it so bad ? Read about our entire journey with @people Mag this weekend. And now! We hope it helps anyone going through a similar situation. Oh yeah…. we can’t wait meet our BABY BOY!!!!

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“It was just one egg, one sperm, and it actually worked,” Kasi, who Jason Aldean’s sister, revealed.

The embryo was then frozen and Kasi went on to receive hormone shots to prepare her body for pregnancy. Two months later, Kasi underwent the embryo transfer and days later, they received a positive pregnancy test.

“It’s just such a miracle, such a blessing,” Chuck, 40, said. “I’m thankful for amazing doctors, thankful for science.”

Kasi, who has three daughters from a previous marriage, used to think she was done having kids, but that all changed when she met Chuck.

“I couldn’t imagine not having a child with him,” she gushed.

The couple’s miracle baby is due in December.