Cole Swindell Returns To His Roots In ‘Right Where I Left It’ Music Video

Cole Swindell returns to his Georgia roots in his new music video for “Right Where I Left It,” which is…


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October 14, 2019

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Cole Swindell, Right Where I Left It Music Video; Photo via Instagram

Cole Swindell returns to his Georgia roots in his new music video for “Right Where I Left It,” which is featured on the singer/songwriter’s upcoming EP, Down Home Sessions V.

In the heartwarming clip, directed by Michael Monaco, Swindell goes back to his hometown of Bronwood, Georgia to show fans where he grew up. He makes stops at the local diner, water tower and his former stomping grounds, Terrell Academy, where he used to play a handful of sports including football, basketball, baseball and golf. Swindell can be seen catching up with the current players on the football team before revisiting the memories inside his high school yearbook.

“To go back now and see one of my high school quarterbacks that was a few years ahead me, his son is now playing football and he is in the video… It’s just really cool to get to go back,”Swindell told Entertainment Tonight. “I was exactly like them. I miss those days and hope they know how good they have it right now and enjoy their time there.”

It’s easy to see that Swindell is nostalgic throughout the nearly three-minute clip. His facial expressions show that he can tell everything has been kept right where he left it, hence the song’s title. The footage in the clip also shows the country hitmaker trading hugs and handshakes with some of the folks that have shaped his life, including his mother, Betty Carol Rainey.

“I was excited she was in the video. She is only in a couple of shots, but when I hug her in the video, it says everything I want to say,” Swindell shared. “I would not be here without her. What a special lady. She deserves so much. She has taken care of me my whole life, and now I get to take care of her. There is no better feeling in the world.”

“Bronwood, Georgia, might not be for everybody, but I hope it makes [fans] think of wherever they are from, whatever their hometown is, their family and friends, the people that made them who they are,” Swindell added. “That is what this song is for me. There are so many people in this video that have been influential in my life and I don’t think I would be here without them. I hope [fans] can relate it to where they are from and always know you can go home.”

To celebrate five years as a recording artist, Swindell promised fans he’d introduce a song each month for five months. “Right Where I Left It,” written with Cole Taylor and Michael Carter, is the fourth of five new tracks. The song follows “Down To Earth,” “All Nighter” and “Drinkin’ Hours,” all of which are included on his Down Home Sessions V EP.

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