neonPPL May Be a Mystery But Its Message Is Clear

neonPPL; Artwork Courtesy the Artist
neonPPL; Artwork Courtesy the Artist
neonPPL; Artwork Courtesy the Artist

Earlier this year, a new Nashville-based group called neonPPL surfaced online. Comprised of a number of music industry veterans, including songwriters, musicians and producers, neonPPL is an anonymous group that promotes positivity through music.

Making its debut with the empowering “beYOUtiful,” featuring guest vocals from Lindsay Ell, Joy Williams, Danielle Bradbery, neonPPL encourages listeners to love themselves and embrace their inner beauty.

“You’re the only one who can be you so do you the best you can/ Wake up, breathe in, breath out and then/ BeYOUtiful,” they sing throughout the track, which the group wrote and recorded themselves.

Continuing to spread a message of inclusion, neonPPL collaborated with country hitmaker Brett Young on “ONElittleTOWN,” a song all about living together as a community, despite any differences we believe we may have.

“This big ol’ world is one little town / There’s just one way in and just one way out / We’re all somebody’s sons and somebody’s daughters / We’re washed in the blood / Baptized in the water,” the chorus boasts.

“Through our music, our goal isn’t to tell you how to feel, but more so just to hope that the songs make you feel something,” neonPPL previously shared in a statement. “We want to give affirmation and a feeling of acceptance through them.”

After releasing two collaborations, neonPPL resurfaced with “love2love,” the collective’s first release without an outside collaborator. Further driving home the anonymous band’s uplifting message, the latest tune centers around love, just as the title suggests.

With no names, no face and no individual identities, those behind neonPPL remain a mystery. While the vocals are familiar, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly who is behind this anonymous musical entity.

So who is neonPPL? We may never know, but what we do know is that their music contains an important message that needs to be heard.