Conner Smith Praises Thomas Rhett For Taking Him Under His Wing: ‘It’s Changed My Life Forever’

During the last night of Thomas Rhett’s headlining Bring The Bar To You Tour, artist on the rise Conner Smith…


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 18, 2022


5:28 pm

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Conner Smith, Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy Thomas Rhett, Facebook

During the last night of Thomas Rhett’s headlining Bring The Bar To You Tour, artist on the rise Conner Smith stopped the show to say a few heartfelt words about Rhett. Not only did the singer act as a mentor to Smith on his musical journey, but also in life, sharing his wisdom as a father and a husband. 

“What he has meant to me over the last year and a half, is showing me how to do this the right way and just being a good man, a good husband, a good father, is unbelievable. It’s changed my life forever. So, this tour is amazing, everything, you know, physically is awesome, but what he’s taught me as a man growing up, I’m 22, and so he’s talked to me as a human,” Smith said before adding, “I just wanna say that on stage because that man is worth y’all buying a ticket to come to his show to hear him sing his songs.”

The 22-year-old joined Rhett on the road along with the “Gold Chain Cowboy” Parker McCollum for the 2022 trek, which concluded on Saturday evening (Oct. 15), at the Nutter Center, in Dayton, Ohio. 

“The Bring the Bar to You Tour has closed down. Such a life-changing summer on the road with two of the best dudes I know, @thomasrhettakins@parkermccollum . Beyond thankful to every person that helped bring this to life every single night. I will never forget it,” Smith wrote in a heartfelt post on social media that showcased some hilarious highlights of the show.

The final night brought surprise after surprise, starting with the fact that Smith, a huge fan of the Tennessee Vols, proved his dedication to the music as he stepped on stage with less than a minute to go in the tied game of Tennessee vs Alabama. Since the “Orange And White” singer had no way of knowing who won, fans offered up their phones to allow him to watch the game.

Rhett also surprised the audience by making an appearance during the beginning of Smith’s set and started acting as the drummer during his cover of Eric Church’s “Drink in My Hand.” Rhett then proceeded to confirm that the Vols took home the big win, which promoted Smith to immediately break out in singing his hit, “I Hate Alabama.”

The second surprise of the night came when Rhett, Smith and several other band members dressed up as “Parkers” and came out during the last song of McCollum’s set, “I Can’t Breathe.” Their costumes consisted of white t-shirts, jeans and a baseball cap. 

What could be considered the most unexpected part came during Rhett’s set when his tourmates Smith and McCollum joined him on stage to perform “Beer Can’t Fix.” This is a traditional part of his set, but this time, while sporting giant beer bottle costumes. 

“Nobody warned me,” Rhett laughed as he tried to compose himself. 

Later on in Rhett’s set, just before he began playing Cole Swindell’s “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” which he served as a co-writer on, he realized that his entire band had abandoned him on stage.

“Man this is gonna go on all night isn’t it? My entire band is gone,” Rhett said.

What he didn’t realize was that his road crew stepped in for his band who had changed into matching tour jackets and went down in the pit to get a different view on the show and act as hardcore fans. They later returned to the stage to finish out the show.

@thomasrhett’s band left the stage and posed as fans in the pit while his crew filled in on stage 🤣 #shehadmeatheadscarolina

♬ original sound –

“The moment during the last show of tour where we pranked our boss by swapping with our backline techs for a song and we went to the pit. Thankfully he loved it,” wrote Whit Wright, who plays slide guitar in Rhett’s band, wrote on Instagram after the show. 

Thomas Rhett will take some time off before kicking off the 2023 leg of the Bring The Bar To Your Tour with a Canadian Run in February.

Jordan Davis and Kameron Marlowe will join him on the next stint of shows.

Conner Smith has a handful of tour dates planned before the year comes to an end, including a stop at the iconic Grand Ole Opry. The “Take It Slow” singer was invited to make his Opry debut by Thomas Rhett in May when he surprised him with the invitation over Zoom. 

Parker McCollum will continue touring throughout 2022 with dates planned in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Bangor, ME, and more. 

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