Connie Smith And Marty Stuart’s 17-Year Age Gap Couldn’t Diminish Their Timeless Love

Smith and Stuart’s love story was years in the making.


Lexi Liby

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July 8, 2023


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Marty Stuart, Connie Smith; Photo Courtesy Connie Smith, Facebook

Country music stars Connie Smith and Marty Staurt’s love story started out unconventional but stands unconditional.

The couple was brought together through country music, as Stuart’s mother took him to see Smith perform in his hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi. Stuart was only 12 years old at the time, and although he was 17 years younger than Smith, he knew she was something special.

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“She was my mother’s favorite singer,” Stuart tells The Boot. “We had a record of her at our house called Miss Smith Goes to Nashville. It had a beautiful photograph of her on the cover. I thought she was the prettiest girl in the world, so I had my mama take me to buy me a yellow shirt, so Connie would notice me that night.”

The pair made a quick connection at the show. 

“After the concert, me and my sister got our picture made with her, and I got her autograph,” Stuart continued. 

Marty Stuart, Connie Smith; Photo Courtesy Connie Smith, Facebook
Marty Stuart, Connie Smith; Photo Courtesy Connie Smith, Facebook

“On the way home, I told my mama that I was going to marry her,” he added. “It took 25 years to figure it out, but it worked!”

Decades later, music reconnected the two. Stuart had started his own music career and Smith began to notice him.

“We met and started talking about music,” Smith told CountryThangDaily.  “Musically I was really impressed with what he knew and what he talked about. So when I saw him at the Opry after that, I asked him if he’d be interested in working with me.”

Without hesitation, Marty Stuart accepted Smith’s offer to collaborate. 

Smith explained, “after that, we’ve probably written 40 or 50 songs.”

As Stuart and Smith worked together, Stuart couldn’t contain his feelings for Smith. He discussed the situation with his mother and she advised him to go for it. After considering his mom’s advice, Stuart came across Smith at the grocery store and he pulled her into their first kiss.

Despite their 17-year age difference and the previous marriages Smith experienced, the couple dated for three years and then married on this day in 1997. Together they’ve navigated through this life learning a lot about love and what it means to devote yourself to one another.

Smith told The Boot, “Make the Lord the center … and commit.”

Stuart agreed and said, “You have to get up every day and go to work on it.”

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Stuart and Smith are living proof of this advice as they work on their marriage, family and career every day. They have a son of their own named Jesse Scott Stuart and five other children from Smith’s previous marriages. Stuart has stepped up as a stepfather and he loves each child equally.

“With Connie, I have learned about balancing love and music, Stuart shared with The Boot. “She puts a whole lot more emphasis on family life than I ever did, and she’s been a great sense of balance to me.”

Despite the common stereotypes associated with marriage, Connie Smith and Marty Stuart have defied expectations and maintained a vibrant connection. The Grand Ole Opry members have consistently prioritized what truly matters, and their love has remained unwavering.

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