WATCH: Randall King Receives the Surprise of a Lifetime from Marty Stuart

“Excited is an understatement,” King shares.


Lauren Jo Black

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January 18, 2022

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Randall King, Marty Stuart; Photos via Instagram

Buzzed-about country newcomer and Country Now Artist to Watch, Randall King, will soon be stepping into the iconic circle of the Grand Ole Opry, thanks to an invitation from the legendary Marty Stuart

The Grand Ole Opry member surprised King with the news following a songwriting session and it was all captured on video. 

“One last piece of business, if you’re available on March the 15th, the Grand Ole Opry would like to ask you to come out and do a debut performance,” Stuart tells King in the clip. 


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Clearly shocked by the initiation, the Texas native exclaims, “Shut up!” as his jaw drops. 

“It would be my honor to ask you on behalf of the Grand Ole Opry to come out and make yourself more famous than you already are,” Stuart continues, adding, “Are you available?” 

Without hesitation, King tells Stuart, “March 15? We’ll make ourselves available! 

The rising singer/songwriter reacted to the surprise invitation on social media, writing, “Man that’s just too cool, to have @martystuart tell me in person, after getting to write with him that morning, that I get to play the @opry March 15th. Completely unreal to me! When I rode with dad as a kid in that old Freightliner, he and I use to set dreams and goals together and playing the Opry was one of em. I can’t wait to stand on that circle where Hank stood. Excited is an understatement.”

Randall King; Photo by Yve Assad
Randall King; Photo by Yve Assad

King’s Opry debut is set for three days before the release of his much-anticipated debut album, Shot Glass, available everywhere on March 18. 

The album includes 11 tracks, eight of which were co-written by the Texas native. The album is centered around a night out at a bar, with each song representing a different point of view from this in the room. 

“This record is four years in the making, and there are a lot of things I’ve gone through in those years,” said King. “Heartbreak, love, loss, fear, anger, peace. You hear all of that through this record. It’s a piece of me that I love and can’t wait to share with the world, for it to resonate and hit folks right where they need. There are songs I’ve written over the last five years on this record, some I’ve played out and some nobody has heard yet. I’m excited to drop it and let it off the chain!”

Shot Glass was produced by Bart Butler and Ryan Gore and follows King’s 2020 EP, Leanna.

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