Country Duo Haley & Michaels Expecting First Child

Haley & Michaels; Photo by Jon Paul Bruno
Haley & Michaels; Photo by Jon Paul Bruno
Haley & Michaels; Photo by Jon Paul Bruno

Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels of country duo Haley & Michaels are expecting their first child!

The couple revealed the news to People, sharing that Haley and pregnant with a baby girl and due this October.

“It’s been such a blessing,” Michaels, 43, told the publication. “We’re spiritual people, and we believe that we all come into the world at the right time, and it’s a gift to have this now.”

The pregnancy cames as a complete surprise to the duo, who got the shocking news in January when Haley came down with a sudden fever. Seeking out a flu test, the couple went to a local walk-in clinic for a diagnosis.

“They did a bunch of tests, and one of those tests was a pregnancy test just to be safe,” Haley explained.

When the medical staff returned to the room, they got the results: “You have the flu — and you’re pregnant!’”

The news was a welcome surprise.

“It was this rush of complete joy that instantly hit me,” Haley recalled. “But Ryan just kept saying, ‘We are? We are?’ And then he asked, ‘Can I hug her?’ “

“I didn’t know if I would make the flu worse!” Michaels added. “I was so shocked. The thing is, we had certainly talked this year about having a baby, but it was the furthest thing from our minds when we went to the clinic, and we hadn’t really been trying very long.”

Haley went home and recovered from the flu within a few days. Now, that she’s gotten past her first trimester, the soon-to-be-mother is enjoying everything that comes along with her pregnancy, including the crazy cravings.

“I am that pregnant person that wants pickles and ice cream,” she said. “I never thought that would be me. And then pizza is my new craving — just cheese pizza. That’s all I want.”

With COVID-19 rapidly spreading, Haley and Michaels are hunkered down at home making the most of their time in quarantine. They have already come up with a theme for their daughter’s nursery and are on the hunt for bedding and accessories to decorate with.

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