Dan + Shay Reveal Details Behind The ‘Double Chair’ on ‘The Voice’ Season 25

The country music duo is “absolutely fired up” for their upcoming gig.


Madeleine O’Connell

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July 13, 2023


9:18 am

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Photo Courtesy Dan + Shay

As Dan + Shay prepare to join Season 25 of The Voice, they took to social media to answer one burning question about what their involvement with the singing competition show will look like. 

The video shared via Instagram on Friday, June 30, opened with Dan Smyers boasting that they have “never been more excited for anything in our entire lives” than to announce that they have been tapped as the first duo to step into “The Double Chair.”

Standing next to Smyers was his bandmate, Shay Mooney, who added that he is “absolutely fired up.” 

Mooney then went on to address the question that appeared in the corner of the video, which read, “Is dan & shay sharing a chair??”

“Listen, people have been asking, ‘Is it two chairs? Is it one?’” Mooney said before clarifying, “It’s two chairs, but one button.”

“The double chair!” Smyers chimed in. 

This has been a common question among fans and regular viewers of the show who are used to seeing only chair and one button for each coach. At the start of every season, the celebrity coaches sit facing away from the hopeful artists that step on stage and audition to be part of the show. This allows their performance to be judged solely on their vocal abilities. The coaches that are interested will then hit their individual button causing their chair to turn around and reveal the auditioner before them. 

In 2024, this process will be slightly altered because while Dan + Shay will each have their own chair, they will share a button between them. 

The double chair has previously been incorporated on versions of the singing competition show that are broadcasted from other countries, however this will be a first for the U.S. version of The Voice

The brand-new element was announced via social media on Wednesday, June 21. The graphic simply featured an image of the new chairs with the caption, “incoming: 2024 Coaches !!! double chair!!! epic lineup!!! stay tuned!!!”

To clarify, this news will not affect the upcoming season of The Voice, which is set to air in the fall. It has already been announced that the next lineup of coaches will include returning members, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, and John Legend as well as the newest addition, Reba McEntire. 

Dan + Shay will then join the coaching panel for Season 25 of NBC’s The Voice alongside John Legend, Reba McEntire and Chance the Rapper. 

For Dan + Shay, joining The Voice marks yet another step into their next musical chapter together. Over the weekend, the award-winning duo opened up about what’s really been happening in their lives over the past few years, including how they almost went their separate ways. 

They shared a heartwarming video titled, “The Drive,” which uncovers an incredibly vulnerable truth surrounding their recent struggles with mental health, work/life balance, and keeping afloat amid their hectic lifestyles. 

Smyers was first to speak as he admitted, “I was in the lowest low of my entire life, came off the road and I was like, man, I f**king hate music. I’m ready to quit.”

Mooney responded by saying that he could “feel the separation” and also noted their lack of communication at the time. 

Dan + Shay; Photo Courtesy YouTube
Dan + Shay; Photo Courtesy YouTube

Eventually, the video revealed that once off the road from their 2021 arena tour, the bandmates had gone four full months without speaking to each other. Then, in March 2022, they met up to discuss what the future would hold for their band. 

“I feel like this was kind of the first time after the arena tour, after Covid that we were able to step back and just assess,” Smyers said before Mooney added, “For me, we didn’t ever take time to be able to appreciate winning a Grammy or all these things because it was just happening so fast.”

They went on to describe the amount of stress that was placed on their shoulders surrounding this tour and the burnout that came as a result. 

“Especially at that point, I was drinking a lot, so those highs became really high and the lows became just really, really low,” Mooney added. 

Luckily, they were able to find a happy ending after a night of honest conversations, which they claimed “changed it all.”


YouTube video

Now that they’ve had the chance to embark on a journey of healing, Dan + Shay have come out even better on the other side and can honestly say they are “the closest” they’ve ever been. 

“I can feel the closeness of our relationship and our friendship when I listen back to the music. We are by far a million times the closest we’ve ever been for so many reasons, but because we worked at it, that makes what we’re doing now infinitely sustainable. I could do this the rest of my life with you,” said Smyers. 

Dan + Shay; Photo Courtesy Facebook
Dan + Shay; Photo Courtesy Facebook

In conclusion, Mooney prefaced the next chapter of Dan + Shay by teasing new music, which is set to drop on Friday, July 14. 

“I just think that the accumulation of this journey has really taken us to this point because it’s changed our lives. I mean, honestly, the process of this album completely changed our lives,” he admitted before gushing over Smyers as he said, “I love you. This is it, man. Proud of you.”

Fans can now await Dan + Shay’s soon-to-be-released collection in addition to their upcoming run on The Voice. 

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