Danielle Bradbery Opens Up About New Music On The ‘Pupdate’

Bradbery cuddled with puppies while she dished on what’s to come in her career.


Madeleine O’Connell

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April 20, 2023


10:54 am

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Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary

The Country Now Pupdate is back with Danielle Bradbery!

Tails were wagging as Danielle Bradbery quickly became engulfed in an abundance of cuteness from the dogs of Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. Even with these pups around, she couldn’t help herself from gushing about her 1-year-old Pitbull mix, Leo. 

“He’s the sweetest thing in the whole entire world,” she shared before adding that her pup has become the perfect travel companion when she’s on the bus. 

Bradbery and Leo recently spent a lot of time on the road as she embarked on her first headlining tour in support of her single, “A Special Place.” While visiting the Country Now studio, she discussed this run of shows, including an upcoming performance in Nashville, her latest releases, new music and more. 

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary

“A Special Place”

“A Special Place” marked the start to a new chapter for Bradbery. The song, penned by Maren Morris, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins and Sasha Sloan, centers on the narrator booking her ex into a “zero-star hotel” as a punishment for “all the heat” she endured in their relationship.  

This release followed her full-length project titled, In Between: The Collection, which features her airy ballad, “Break My Heart Again” and her current fan-favorite, “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots.”

“My single officially hit radio and it’s the most added, I can’t believe that,” she shared. “This song was so fun to release and we really went off of the topic of just the sassiness and all the attitude with the song and the content we’ve put out and the pictures and everything. We’ve really took that and ran with it. I’m really glad it’s my single and it’s been super fun to perform and see everyone’s reaction with it and I’m just so happy radio loves it.”

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary

While falling into the trance of adorable puppy eyes and giving out some much-needed belly rubs, the singer/songwriter explained that despite not having a hand in penning the song, she has found it easy to relate to the storyline.

“It’s basically about, you know, you don’t wanna wish someone well cause they’ve treated you so badly. I immediately thought that I know a few people that have been through this situation, I definitely have, and so it’s always fun to have a song that you really actually can relate to.”

Collaborating with Jordan Davis

Another song that has quickly become a fan-favorite is her collaboration with Jordan Davis titled, “Midnight Crisis.” The pair has already gotten to perform their powerful ballad on stage together on numerous occasions. It was recently announced that Bradbery and Davis will once again hit the road together as she serves as a special guest on his upcoming Damn Good Time Tour. 

“Jordan Davis was working on his record and asked me to put my vocal on that song, and obviously I, with no hesitation, said ‘Absolutely,’” Bradbery shared on how they came to work together. “It’s brought me a lot of opportunity, and he was kind enough to bring me out on the Luke Combs’ tour to sing that one song, which was so much fun.”

She continued, “Then it led to us going on tour and we just finished that and that was also really fun and all sold out. That song is carrying on really exciting things. So, I’m excited to see where that song goes and it’s already killing it. I mean, we performed it and everyone knows all the words already and it’s just been so fun to see.”

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary

New Music

When it comes to new music, the “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” singer revealed that there is plenty in the works. 

“I’ve been working on a lot of new songs. We’re in the process of finishing and finalizing all of that and I’ll be singing some of the new songs on tour and just giving people a little hint of what’s about to come out. We’re working on it every day and it’s been…I’m anxious in the best way to get everything out and show everyone what I’ve been working on,” she told Country Now.

One puppy, who Bradbery named Oreo, nabbed some last-minute kisses with the singer before she headed out of the studio. 

For more with Bradbery, including what her ideal day off the road looks like, her go-to comfort food, her current binge-worthy TV show and more, click above to watch the Pupdate

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Anna Clary

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