Danielle Bradbery Puts Her Impressive Artistry On Display During Second Stop Of Headlining Tour

“We’re so happy to be doing this and it’s a pinch-me moment that this is my first-ever headlining tour, Bradbery told the crowd.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 1, 2023


11:39 am

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Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham

On February 23, Danielle Bradbery launched her first-ever headlining tour in Indianapolis, IN. The following day, she brought her 65-minute set to a room full of excited fans at Joes’s Live in Rosemont, IL. 

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham

The female songstress named her trek after her recently released single, “A Special Place.” This song was co-written by Maren Morris, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins and Sasha Sloan, and marks the “next era” of Bradbery’s career.

“I’m always so pumped to share what I’ve been working on. Like I said before, I’m just so ready for y’all to hear this era of music so let it begin,” she previously wrote on Instagram along with a clip of the accompanying lyric video. 

Much like the song, Bradbery’s recent show demonstrated how she’s not here to mess around. Her stunning vocals filled the Illinois venue as she kicked off the night with an unreleased song titled, “Runaways.” Despite the fact that it was a new song, fans quickly caught onto the chorus and sang the words right back to her. 

She continued with honesty in her next delivery of “Can’t Stay Mad,” before diving into “Sway,” another popular track off her 2017 album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.

In the midst of the groovy song, she checked in with the audience by showing off her Chicago White Sox jacket and saying, “Thank you guys so much for coming out and spending it with us, Chicago.”

“We’re gonna have fun tonight. If y’all know this next part, sing along,” she added before continuing into the chorus that finds her singing the easy-going lyics that creates a space for her listeners to put aside all their worries and simply, “find something smooth on the radio / That makes you wanna sway to the left and sway to the right / Get lost in a groove that’ll make you lose your mind.”

The Texas native went on to play another track off her sophomore project, “Red Wine + White Couch,” and a 2020 release titled, “Never Have I Ever,” which proved the true strength and impressive range she carries in her vocals. 

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham

Since Bradbery is known for her heartbreak anthems, she decided to have a “sad girl moment,” which allowed her to connect with the audience on an even deeper level

“This next part of my set, I’m on like every breakup playlist on Spotify,” she said as she introduced the next part of her show. “So I was like, ‘why don’t we have a sad girl moment?’ So I put together some of my favorites and we’re gonna take it down for just a few of the songs.”

This portion of the show featured a series of songs fit for any post-breakup playlist. She started off with the airy ballad, “Break My Heart Again,” before moving into a cover of Becky Hill and David Guetta’s duet, “Remember.” 

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham
Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Kaiser Cunningham

The singer/songwriter then took a trip down memory lane as she shared her journey of moving to Nashville at 16 years old and kickstarting her career after she was crowned the Season 4 winner of The Voice. The song that brought her to this place of reflection is her 2013 release, “Wild Boy.”

Since her time on the singing competition, Bradbery has only continued to hone in on her skills and pour her heart into every note and every lyric. In doing so, she has proved herself as an artist that deserves a place in the music industry. 

YouTube video

The melody of sorrowful songs continued with a few more installments from her early career including “The Heart Of Dixie” and “My Day.” She kicked things up a notch when she threw in a cover of Justin Bieber’s iconic “Baby” and Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” Both songs sparked cheers of excitement from the audience who relished in the nostalgia. 

Of course, Bradbery’s set wouldn’t be complete without her current fan-favorite, “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots.”

“Stop draggin’ your boots up onto my porch / Kickin’ mud off your heels, knockin’ on my door /  Thinkin’ I’ll let you leave ’em by my bed on the floor / You ain’t gonna crash your party here no more / You better get to walkin’ if you don’t want what you got / Either love me or not, just stop draggin’ your boots,” she delivered in the catchy chorus.

“I keep telling everyone this is like the ‘new era’ of Danielle Bradberry,” the country star stated as she prepped the audience for a performance of another unreleased song. “It’s because I’m speaking about things that I really haven’t before. I was in LA writing and couldn’t get anything for like a week. The last day I was supposed to fly out, I wrote this next one in 45 minutes with one of my good friends. When it just comes naturally like that, it does not take long.”

She continued, “It’s about anxiety. So, if you face something, if you have faced something, or you’re going through something right now, there’s always this monster in our life that we’re always trying to run from. You’re not alone and this song is for you.”

While once again exposing her most vulnerable self, Bradbery sings, “I know that I’m not the only one / you visit when it’s late or when I’m drunk / but I swear that I’m your favorite victim / I feel you in my chest when I’m alone / I hate you and I hate who you made me.” 

YouTube video

Finally, it was time for Bradbery to showcase the song that inspired the entire tour. She dubs “A Special Place” one of her favorites as it gave her the chance to embrace a more sultry, fiery side to her. The song was released via Big Machine Records and officially impacted the Country radio airwaves on February 13. 

The stage filled with red lights as the sultry new track came to life through her poised vocals and spiteful underlay that began with the opening guitar lick. From start to finish, she highlights the rightful storyline of the narrator booking her ex into a “zero-star hotel” as a punishment for “all the heat” she endured in their relationship.  

Bradbery then returned to the stage for an encore after her fans refused to move from their spots in the venue and instantly began chanting her name loud enough to be heard from miles away. She concluded the night with a performance of her empowering song, “Worth It,” before heading out to handle her dog mom responsibilities and prepare for her third show in a row in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Danielle Bradbery is joined on her tour by special guests, Tiera Kennedy and Mackenzie Carpenter on select dates. During the Illinois show, Kennedy left the audience in awe of her sincere yet commanding vocal skills as she stirred up excitement for the moment Bradbery took the stage. The rising country star showcased a mix of old, new and stand-out covers that likely gained her a number of new fans.

Continuing on her trek, Bradbery is slated to make stops in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and several shows in Texas that will come to an end on April 1. She also recently added another concert on May 18, which will be held in Nashville, TN at the famous Basement East. 

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