Dierks Bentley Shares Hilarious Video Teaching His Daughter Evie To Drive

Dierks Bentley shares a look into the terrifying reality behind teaching his teen daughter to drive in a hilarious new…


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October 26, 2023


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Photos Courtesy of Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley shares a look into the terrifying reality behind teaching his teen daughter to drive in a hilarious new clip.

The country star shared a snippet of this new journey with his Instagram followers as he documented the start of a driving lesson with his oldest daughter Evie (Evalyn Day). She started out with the basics, getting acquainted with the gas and brake pedals and that alone was enough to make Bentley face-palm in fear. 

Evie Is His Eldest Daughter

“Where’s my brake?” he asked while tapping his foot around the floor, hoping to miraculously run into a brake on the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Next, they moved onto learning about how to shift the gears into drive. Once Evie got the hang of it and took her foot off the brake, the “Same Ol’ Me” singer jerked back in his seat with another concerned look spread across his face. 

Evie giggled with excitement as she said “this is so cool” while driving down the street. Bentley on the other hand, kept his focus on the road and had a more panicked tone in his voice when he said the same words back to her.  


Bentley takes his dad duties very seriously, as fans see through videos like this one and many others posted online. He showed another key parenting moment while bra shopping with Evie back in June. 

Making their way around the store, Bentley’s daughter confidently searched for the specific type of undergarment she had in mind while he took the opportunity to learn about all the different bra variations. Once she finally found what she was looking for he excitedly declared, “see, we nailed it.”

While the 14x GRAMMY nominee mostly kept his cool in a situation that many other parents may find to be uncomfortable, he still made sure to put his foot down when it came to buying anything with lace. 

“We need your mom here. Call mom,” he said at the end of the clip.

Many fans took to the comment section to commend Bentley on being so involved in his kid’s lives, even in moments when he may feel uncertain. 

“The fact she asked you to be a part of this process is incredible. You are doing something right. Nailed it!!,” one user wrote while another added, “at least you’re trying and you’re there😂.”

On October 5, Evie turned 15 and Bentley celebrated with a heartfelt video that showcased different images from her life, beginning with a few adorable baby photos. He appropriately chose Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen” as the soundtrack to the milestone post. 

How Many Children Does Dierks Bentley Have?

Dierks Bentley and his wife, Cassidy Black, have three children, including Evie, another daughter, Jordan, 12, and a son, Knox, 9.

When he’s not at home, making memories for his kids, Bentley is usually out on the road or making new music for his loyal fans. This summer, he toured the country on a headlining run named after his 10th studio album, Gravel & Gold. During that time, he also released “Something Real” to country radio as the second single off his latest full-length collection, following his 22nd chart-topping hit, “Gold.”

Dierks Bentley performs at Nissan Stadium on Sunday, June 11 during CMA Fest 2023 in downtown Nashville; Photo Courtesy CMA
Dierks Bentley performs at Nissan Stadium on Sunday, June 11 during CMA Fest 2023 in downtown Nashville; Photo Courtesy CMA

“Something Real”

The up-tempo tune was penned by Bentley while on a writing retreat in Colorado with Ross Copperman, Michael Hardy, Ashley Gorley, and Luke Dick. 

“I think we are all seeking something a little deeper than what’s on the surface, the things we see on social media,” Bentley previously shared. “For me, that looks like putting my phone down, getting out in nature with my family, writing songs with my friends…doing the things where I find real connection. There is always a little hesitation about putting a new song in the set, but it’s sounding so good live and I appreciate the fans who already know it and are singing it back to us.” 

Just as he explained, this song is all about celebrating the more important things in life, like the simplicity of driving down a backroad, enjoying the views of nature and the slower lifestyle of small towns. 

“Yeah, I need a little backbone in my backbeat/ I need a little lifelong in my front seat/ I need the kinda moments that make my whole wide world stand still/ I wanna hear about a deep cut, a heartbreak/ Yeah, tell me ’bout your hard times, your mistakes/ Give me something that’ll burn, I can turn into something I can feel/ Yeah, I want somethin’ real, somethin’ real,” he sings on the chorus.   

YouTube video

Following the GRAVEL & GOLD TOUR, which officially came to an end on August 26, Bentley has booked three more shows before wrapping up the year.

He will perform on November 18 in Minneapolis, MN before making stops in Durant, OK and Nashville, TN.

Then on January 17-20, Bentley will kickstart 2024 with a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico as part of Luke Bryan’s annual Crash My Playa destination event.  

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