Drake White Journey Continues With ‘The Bridge,’ As A Musical Testament to His Resilience Following His 2019 Stroke

“This project for me is a continuation of the spirit that got me through these last few years,” White explains.


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December 11, 2023


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Drake White; Photo by Zack Knudsen

Drake White has delivered a new EP titled The Bridge, and it follows his entrenched foundation of country, rock, and rootsy R&B. 

The seven-song project is a compilation of fresh new tracks and reconceptualized versions of fan favorites from his 2022 studio album, THE OPTIMYSTIC. It integrates songs of inspiration, love, and conviction, while also backing his journey to recovery from an on-stage stroke in 2019. 

“This project for me is a continuation of the spirit that got me through these last few years. Don’t quit, don’t give up – keep moving forward,” White said in a release.  “I’m an artist and this EP is a true bridge to the next chapter of my music and it shows we are here to stay.”

In addition to co-writing each song with hitmakers such as Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Leslie Satcher and more, White also acts as co-producer on four of the tracks and guides the remaining three tracks independently. 

Track List For “The Bridge“:

1. “50 Years Too Late (Ruff Cut)” (Leith Loftin, Drake White) ^

2. “Spirit” (Drake White, Phil Pence, Leslie Satcher) +

3. “Power of a Woman (ft. Colbie Caillat)” (Kelli Johnson, Lindsey Hinkle, Drake White) ^

4. “Makin’ Me Look Good Again (Wedding Version)” (Drake White, Monty Criswell, Shane Minor) ^

5. “Turn You On” (Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Drake White) *

6. “Ladder To The Sky” (Drake White, Vanessa Olivarez, Andy Skib) *

7. “Happy Hour” (Drake White, Hayes Carll) *

* produced by Drake White

^ produced by Drake White and Graham Mallany

+ produced by Drake White and Matthew Ridenour 

Sharing The Meaning Behind The Title

Ahead of The Bridge release, White took to Instagram to define the meaning of the EP’s title. 

“THE BRIDGE: a collection of songs forming a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle (such as a river) a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. b. : a time, place, or means of connection or transition,” White captioned his Instagram post.

“The Bridge” EP serves as an overall view of White’s state of mind through the practice of managing his unexpected on-stage incident. It communicates White’s mindset of crossing troubled waters and moving forward toward a destination filled with great optimism and wonder. 

Bringing His New Music On The Road In 2024

In support of the new release, White will hit the road for his 2024 The Bridge Tour. He will travel to 24 cities nationwide beginning on February 21 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. From there he will cross over to the Midwest, move through the Southeast and Northeast in major cities like Atlanta, New York, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Baton Rouge, and conclude the trek in Detroit, MI on May 4. 

Before embarking on this next trek, White still has a few dates left in December before he officially closes out his current run with William Clark Green dubbed the Blow Up Your TV Tour.

Drake White; Photo by Zack Knudsen
Drake White; Photo by Zack Knudsen

Announced Dates And Cities Of THE BRIDGE TOUR 2024:


21 | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

22 | Saint Petersburg, FL 

23 | Gainesville, GA

29 | Asheville, NC


1 | Charleston, SC

2 | Chattanooga, TN

7 | Atlanta, GA

8 | Louisville, KY

9 | Indianapolis, IN

12 | New York, NY

15 | Manchester, NH

16 | Portland, ME

22 | Foxborough, MA

23 | Albany, NY


4 | Lexington, KY

5 | Pittsburgh, PA

6 | Clarksburg, WV

20 | Columbus, OH

25 | Birmingham, AL

26 | Baton Rouge, LA

27 | Mobile, AL


2 | Cleveland, OH

3 | Grand Rapids, MI

4 | Detroit, MI

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