Exclusive Q&A: Dylan Schneider Dishes On ‘Bad Decisions’ EP And Debut Stagecoach Performance

“I think as an EP, it’s the most well-rounded of any of my projects that I’ve put out yet,” the rising star tells us.


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April 26, 2024


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Dylan Schneider releases his new six-track EP

Singer/Songwriter Dylan Schneider has officially unleashed his new EP, Bad Decisions.

The six-track project features three pre-released tracks, “Bad Decisions,” “Ain’t Missin’ You” and “Daddy Drinks Whiskey” alongside three new tracks: “Carhartt,” “Ruin This Town,” and “Buy That Girl A Beer.”

Each song on the EP showcases Schneider‘s musical versatility, spanning a range of life emotions and experiences. From moments of vulnerability to infectious party anthems, his music resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

Dylan Schneider releases his new six-track EP
Dylan Schneider – Bad Decisions EP

“I want to write songs that tell stories, and that’s what I’m excited about,” Schneider stated in a release. “I feel like people are going to relate to it and feel connected that we’ve been through the same things – growing up, growing apart, heartbreak. I want to show where I’ve been and where my head is now, and that this new music is just a taste of what’s to come.”

We recently caught up with Dylan Schneider to chat about the release of his EP, his debut Stagecoach performance, his touring experiences, and more. Check out our exclusive Q&A below.

Congrats on the release of your EP! What themes and overall messages can fans expect from this mix of music?

I think as an EP, it’s the most well-rounded of any of my projects that I’ve put out yet. I mean it’s got some of the darker, more sad tones with the breakup stuff that I’ve experienced and went through myself over the last few years and some of the personal family issues that I address as well. It’s been a long time coming for me to get that personal and share stuff like that and talk about those topics, which has been good. It also has some of my favorite summer jams, and just fun party songs. It’s got a good mix of everything across the board and like I said, I think it’s some of the best songwriting and best songs that I’ve done thus far. Year by year, I think it continues to get better and better.

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You have released three tracks prior to the release date, including the title track. How did you decide which songs to unveil first?

It was kind of just a day-by-day process. I feel like it started with ‘Ain’t Missin’ You’ obviously, but I don’t think that the whole vision for the EP was always there from the beginning. I kind of just teased ‘Ain’t Missin’ You’ without even telling anybody from the label just to see what would happen and it got that attention that it needed, so we put it out. We cut ‘Bad Decisions’ at the same time, so we just had those two sitting around waiting. ‘Bad Decisions’ came out in tandem with the Nate Smith tour because we finally thought that it was a good time to release that track. The tour would put a lot of good looks on the song and we had already been playing it live for a year. The release of ‘Daddy Drinks Whiskey’ came before that in November, so we already had these three strong songs that we like so much. We knew we had to get in and cut a few more and we did those early this year. It just all came together so well over a year and a half, almost two years time. I’m excited for everybody to hear the three new ones and I hope it is a sneak preview at a larger project later in the year.

Is there any certain rhyme or reason for the track list order and how the EP was arranged?

Yeah, I guess I always like to organize it in a way where if you’re listening to the songs in order, it makes sense almost as a story. I think that it’s going to come across well. The last track will be ‘Daddy Drinks Whiskey’ so it’ll end on that personal note. It’ll be a message that people can hopefully relate to or listen to if they’ve been through similar things. I just think tone-wise it’s a good up-and-downhill ride throughout the whole thing.

Can you share the story behind the song ‘Buy That Girl A Beer?’

I like ‘Buy That Girl A Beer’ a lot and I think that it’s a really special song. I think it has a lot of potential once it finally comes out and people get to hear it. It was just kind of a title that I had for a while. The idea is just centered around seeing somebody out and not being afraid to take that leap of asking that question and shooting your shot. I feel like in the world we live in today, there’s a lot less of that personal in-person meeting and I just think it’s cool that we were talking about if you’re out at a bar or at a party, don’t be afraid to approach somebody and go up and say hello. You never know if It could end up being the person you fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with. Social media is a big way for people to meet these days, with dating apps and stuff, but this is a cool storyline. It just kind of goes back to that old school style of just being out and meeting people and shooting that shot and seeing what happens.

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Your debut Stagecoach performance is quickly approaching. How are you feeling about that show?

Excited for sure. I’m really eager to get out there and play. I played a lot of the big festivals over the years and this is one that I always wanted to check off the list. The fact that we’re finally getting to do it and we’re going to be on the main stage is awesome. Sunday’s just stacked as far as the lineup goes and I got a lot of other friends out there that are playing the same day, so it’s just going to be a fun time.

Your EP will dropped just before your Stagecoach performance. How do you think your presence and performance will enhance the reception of your new music?

Man, I think that a great thing that I always like to say about my show is the energy of the music really comes out with the live show. I think people will get to see that, especially with some of these more upbeat and fun ones. Even songs like ‘Ruin This Town’ are a little bit more heavy, but I think it is going to be so good and go over so well live. I think that people are just going to really enjoy the show and that energy I feel like it’ll draw people in even if they haven’t been familiar with my music yet or know who I am yet. I’m hoping that the show just sheds a little bit of light on this music and the excitement that it will bring. I hope that it goes over well and hopefully we make some new fans out there at Stagecoach.

Dylan Schneider shares a new promo photo
Dylan Schneider; Photo by Peyton Dollar

Do you have something that you are most looking forward to at Stagecoach?

Probably just playing in general, but also getting to see so many other great acts. I know that there’s some other people outside of the genre like Nickelback and Wiz Khalifa that will be there. I’m going to be there all weekend, so just getting to see some of those shows as well. Post Malone I know is doing a country cover set, which will be cool and then I’ll be out there with Nate Smith. We got to tour this year and we play on the same day. Bailey Zimmerman will be there as well. I haven’t got to see Morgan [Wallen]’s show yet and I know he’s headlining Sunday night. There’s just so many good shows and so many other great artists out there. I’m going to be running around like a fan the whole time all while I get to play my own show too. It’s going to be so exciting and I hope to just have a good time and meet some cool people out there.

You wrapped up Nate Smith’s ‘World On Fire’ Tour back in February. Could you share some insights into the influence Nate has had on your career and the bond that exists between you two?

We’ve known each other for a long time, going back probably almost three or four years. We had a bunch of mutual friends and it was cool even in the beginning. I’ve been a fan of Nate obviously, but he’s also told me time and time again how much he’s loved my music over the years and paid attention to my stuff. The fact that he personally reached out and invited us to come on this tour this year meant so much to me. I feel like our shows and our sound kind of sonically is similar and it made the show run very well. We complimented each other really nicely. I think there were a lot of people, whether they hadn’t heard of me or heard of Nate or whatever, and everybody in the end ended up walking out liking everything they saw. It felt right up there with them too. He’s been super attentive to me and my team when we were out there and also just never hesitated to ask for advice or to talk about anything. He is like we’re all in the same boat coming up the same way. I guess it’s just cool to go back so far, but then also be sharing similar experiences on the road. Already having that friendship made everything so much easier too. But yeah, it goes over so well every time and like I said, it’s cool that we’re going to be playing Stagecoach the same day too. I’m excited to catch up with him and see what’s been going on in the last two months or so.

You’ve previously toured with Kane Brown, and now you’re gearing up for another exciting opportunity to join him for select dates on his ‘InThe Air’ tour this fall. What draws you back to touring with Kane, and what exciting contributions do you plan to bring to elevate his overall experience?

Yeah, I mean me and Kane are another couple of guys that go way back even to the beginning. We were both doing social media like Instagram and Facebook, when that was kind of the start of how people were getting noticed. We’ve been in touch ever since then and the fact that he’s having so much success now is awesome. I also just recently signed a songwriting publishing deal with his company ‘Verse Two.’ It’s cool that we get to not only have that but get to tour and play shows together and everything. Last year they went over so well. We sold a lot of merch and made a lot of new fans. So any opportunity that we get to go join him, we’re definitely going to take it. I know we’re playing some good markets. I think it’s like Orange Beach, and Hollywood down in Florida, and then I think there’s one in Idaho. Just to be a small part of this tour is super, super rewarding to me. I feel like the same thing is, as I said about me and Nate, mine and Kane’s style and sound and everything are a little bit more similar and in the same vein of country music. The shows complement each other very well, so I’m excited about it. I saw his set the other night in Bloomington, Indiana and I think it’s the same one they’re doing for the whole tour. It’s great and the production’s awesome. So like I said, just to be a small part of it, it means the world and I’m thankful to Kane every single time he has us out.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that maybe we haven’t covered?

I’m just excited for the new music. Like I said, beyond the lookout, there’s definitely going to be a larger project coming this year or early next year. It’s in the talks, we just need the songs and to get it all figured out. It’s coming very soon. Then we’re also going to be announcing another fall tour coming up soon as well, so stay tuned. Everything’s getting put together and it will be announced very, very soon.

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