Eddie Montgomery, Walker Montgomery and John Michael Montgomery Re-Create Adorable Family Photo

When the Montgomery’s saw the chance to replicate an old family photo, they happily jumped on the social media trend….


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 9, 2022

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Eddie Montgomery, Walker Montgomery, John Michael Montgomery

When the Montgomery’s saw the chance to replicate an old family photo, they happily jumped on the social media trend. Like Walker Montgomery wrote in his caption, these family members proved that they “haven’t changed a bit.”

Hailing from Kentucky, Walker credits his passion for music to his family members, including those featured in the photo – his dad John Michael Montgomery and his uncle, Eddie Montgomery.

Before Walker was born, Eddie and John’s home was also flooded with music when they were growing up. Their parents had a band of their own known as Harold Montgomery and the Kentucky River Express. The Montgomery brothers played in the band when they got older, but eventually broke out to pursue their own careers and became staples of country music in the ‘90s.

Perhaps one of the most notable duos of this era was Montgomery Gentry. This award-winning band was made up of Eddie and the late Troy Gentry, another family who made music the center of their lives.

With their heavy involvement in the industry, Walker got used to traveling on the road with his family from a young age. Now that he’s building a career for himself, Walker makes a strong effort to not rely on his family’s name to gain success.

“I’m proud of what my family has done in this business,” Walker told Country Now. “Hopefully, I can keep the success and tradition going. But I think fans know who my dad is and who my uncle is, regardless. I think with songs that we release, our presence on stage, and with the way we treat people, will let them know that I’m not just John Michael’s Montgomery’s son or Eddie Montgomery’s nephew, I’m my own person, and that’s Walker Montgomery.”

When all is said and done, Walker doesn’t forget where he comes from; he never fails to keep his Kentucky roots close to his heart. His latest six-song project, Rust, exemplifies how grateful he is to have been raised in his hometown of Nicholasville, KY.

“I’ve evolved as a person…living in Nashville, it’s shown me a lot of things,” he admitted. “It really made me realize how lucky I was to grow up in Kentucky and have the values that my family, my mom, my dad, grandparents instilled in me while I was growing up. So that really dials into the personal side of this EP.”

It may come as a surprise that Walker’s relationship with his dad doesn’t actually involve as much music as would be expected. Since the industry is the main focus of their lives and has been for many years, they try to keep a normal father-son relationship separate from work.

“There’s not a lot of music talk or music played in our house. My relationship with my father is just father-son,” Walker shared. “And, when we come off the road, he’s dad, and I’m the son. We go fishing, hunting, and golfing, and we do pretty much anything but music. That’s what it seems like to me anyway, and I feel like that kind of relationship makes it that much more special because it’s not a business relationship. He’s a regular dad.”

Although they try to keep their time on and off the road separate, Walker hasn’t shied away from tipping his hat to his dad for the lessons he’s taught him about the music industry. One example of this is in his original song that emerged from 2020, “Like My Daddy Done It.”

In addition to his own songs, the “She Don’t Know” singer often takes to social media to share covers of musical influences, including Taylor Swift, Morgan Wade and of course, his dad. Walker has covered several of his dad’s classics including “I Can Love You Like That,” “Rope the Moon” and more.

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