Eli Young Band Returns With Reflective New Single, ‘Break It In’

Eli Young Band; Photo by John Shearer
Eli Young Band; Photo by John Shearer
Eli Young Band; Photo by John Shearer

Hot on the heels of their fourth chart-topping hit, “Love Ain’t,” Eli Young Band is back at country radio with a brand new single.

“Break It In,” co-written by Benjy Davis, Brandon Day, Daniel Ross, and Michael Whitworth, finds the group reflecting on life lessons and carries a universal message that some things in life only get better with time.

“Like these dusty boots that walked me through / The work that got me here / And these faded jeans with Skoal can rings / I’ve worn out all these years / When the shine wears off, when you lose that gloss / There’s so much more underneath it all / You think that good is good as it can get / Then you break it in,” lead singer Mike Eli croons throughout the chorus.

Though the track can be applied to many situations, it is especially meaningful for Eli Young Band.

“We definitely didn’t just start a band and have instant success. We’ve continued to build it up over the years — we broke it in,” shares the group. “We’ve been blessed to have had our moments of being able to sit back and soak it all in. ‘Break It In’ carries a message you learn with time, and we’re so excited for these lyrics to be heard far and wide!”

The debut of “Break It In” follows the recent release of EYB’s This Is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits. Eli Young Band is taking “Break It In,” as well as their impressive catalogue of hits, on the road this summer. Visit the band’s official website for details on upcoming tour dates.

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