Elle King Hilariously Recalls the Time She Embarrassed Herself In Front of Dolly Parton

“I’m sorry Dolly, I love you,” King quipped.


Lauren Jo Black

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May 11, 2021

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Elle King recently returned to the stage with a live performance on the Country Now Live Series airing exclusively on CTRL_Music_ on Twitch.

Prior to her show, the “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” singer sat down with Country Now for a game of “First and Worst,” where she revealed the details behind her first and worst date, kiss, concert and more. 

When sharing the story behind her worst celebrity encounter, King revealed that it involved country queen Dolly Parton – but not in the way one might expect. 

“I embarrassed myself in front of Dolly Parton and she wrote me a letter and I was too embarrassed I couldn’t even write her back,” King explained.

She went on to offer Parton an apology saying, “I’m sorry Dolly, I love you. I’m just, I’m such an idiot!” 

King also dished on her first celebrity encounter, which involved another music icon: Madonna. 

“I feel like my first celebrity encounter is unfair because I think because of my dad’s job I’ve been really lucky to like be around a lot of people and since my father was on SNL [Saturday Night Live] when I was a really young girl I was around the biggest people in entertainment,” the mom-to-be explained in reference to her father, actor and comedian Rob Schneider. 

“So, I think like the coolest first story is that Madonna held me at the end of an SNL,” she recalled. “You know how they all come out and like wave and stuff? Madonna held me and my dad told me that when I got in the cab with him later I said, ‘I miss Madonna,’ which is just like ugh I’m so extra.” 

Click above for more with Elle King and be sure to tune in to the Country Now Live Series each Wednesday on CTRL_Music_ on Twitch. 

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