Emily Ann Roberts Keeps Country Music Alive With ‘How The Car’s Running’

Emily Ann Roberts; Photo by Rachel Deeb
Emily Ann Roberts; Photo by Rachel Deeb
Emily Ann Roberts; Photo by Rachel Deeb

Emily Ann Roberts documents a touching conversation with her father in her new single, “How The Car’s Running.”

Co-written by Roberts alongside Simon Reid and Tiffany Goss, “How The Car’s Running” encompasses everything there is to love about country music. The heartfelt song details a conversation between a father and daughter as he calls her to check-in, give her the weather report and make sure her car is running fine. The meaning behind the phone call goes so much deeper, however.

“This song is so special to me because it’s full of all the things I hear on the phone with my dad,” Roberts shares.  “Being on the road all the time and away from my family has shown me how precious a simple phone call can be.”

Her beloved father goes on to offer words of advice as she continues to chase the “big dreams” she’s been chasing.

“It’s okay to take it slow/ You’ll get where you’re going/ Just keep your eyes on the road/ If you start to lose your way/ Go ahead and pull on over/And give yourself a break,” she sings.

With its raw storytelling and Roberts’ pristine vocals, “How The Car’s Running” continues to cement the Tennessee native’s place among the country music genre.

Already a staple in her live show, the song has quickly become a fan favorite.

“Every time I’ve played this song live, I have so many people come up to me and tell me their dad asks the same questions and gives the same encouragement,” Roberts explains. “It’s so special to share a song that means so much to you and then see it touch someone else’s life as well.”

The just-released music video follows the song’s emotional storyline as it depicts Roberts packing boxes into a moving truck and hugging her parents goodbye as she leaves to chase her music career.

Click above to watch the “How The Car’s Running” music video.

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