Even As A Tiny Little Leaguer, Conner Smith Knew He Wanted To Be A Songwriter

Most young baseball players dream of playing in the big leagues, but not Conner Smith. When he was a little…


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January 20, 2022

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Conner Smith; Photo via Little League, Photo by Cooper Smith

Most young baseball players dream of playing in the big leagues, but not Conner Smith. When he was a little leaguer playing in the Little League World Series, Smith had his sights set on a different kind of dream: becoming a songwriter. 

In a video shared by Little League, a 12-year-old Smith is seen revealing what he wants to be when he grows up, and it wasn’t an MLB player.  

“I want to be a songwriter,” he said in the clip. 


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Now, less than 10 years later, Smith is living out his dream with the release of his debut EP, Didn’t Go Too Far

Out now via The Valory Music Co., the project features six tracks, five of which Smith had a hand in writing. The Tennessee native says the EP showcases all sides of who he is, both personally and professionally. 

“’Didn’t Go Too Far’ is a collection of songs that I hope shows people more of who I am – as a writer, an artist, and as a person,” explains Smith. “This group of songs feels like the right way to kick off an exciting 2022. I can’t wait to get this project into the world and get to play these songs live.”

Among the featured tracks is Smith’s viral hit, “I Hate Alabama” and his radio single, “Learn From It.” 

Tapped as an Artist To Watch by Country Now and many others, there’s no doubt that Conner Smith is one of Nashville’s most promising new artists. 

Fans can catch him on the road with Ryan Hurd early this year. 

Conner Smith, Didn't Go Too Far
Conner Smith, Didn’t Go Too Far

1. “College Town” (Conner Smith)
2. “Learn From It” (Conner Smith, Daniel Ross)
3. “Didn’t Go Too Far” (Conner Smith, Matt Dragstrem, Matt Jenkins)
4. “Take It Slow” (Conner Smith, Ryan Hurd, Mark Trussell)
5. “I Hate Alabama” (Nick Columbia, Drew Green, Hunter Phelps, Lee Starr)
6. “Somewhere In A Small Town” (Conner Smith, Zach Crowell, Hunter Phelps)

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