Exclusive: Chris Young Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights’ Music Video

Chris Young recently dropped his brand new song “Young Love & Saturday Nights” along with the corresponding video for the…


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July 25, 2023

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Chris Young; Photo by John Shearer

Chris Young recently dropped his brand new song “Young Love & Saturday Nights” along with the corresponding video for the track. Now, the country crooner is taking fans behind the scenes of the video’s filming process in this Country Now exclusive premiere. 

This long-form BTS clip features the hard work and long hours that were put into making the visuals come together. From Young to a cast and crew that includes Director of Photography Ryan Featherstun, Running Bear Directors Alexa Stone and Stephen Kinigopoulos, Label Commissioner Tracy Fleaner, lead actor Graham Schneider, lead actress Caylah May, and many, many, more, the group worked from dawn to dusk to bring the lyrics of “Young Love & Saturday Nights” to life. 

Radio-Ready Anthem

Chris Young - "Young Love & Saturday Nights"
Chris Young – “Young Love & Saturday Nights”

“Just getting ready to actually shoot the scene here on the beach for ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights.’ We are very excited,” Young shares in one beach scene of the nearly four-minute clip. “We were crossing our fingers that it was going to look like this. It’s just a good song, and it’s just one of those things that I think fits the summer vibe. This is perfect.” 

While Young was thrilled over the look of the lakeside setting, filmed at Old Hickory Beach in Hendersonville, Tenn., he wasn’t quite prepared for the bugs swarming around the set during late hours. 

“Yeah. There are bugs everywhere,” Young explains, swatting away some insects buzzing around his head. 

In the clip, the camera crew makes its way to film the narrative portion of the music video at a convenience store as well as the flirtatious, fun love scenes between the lead characters, which concludes on the beach.   

Behind the Scenes

“1 a.m. We’re holding up!” Stone says before Kinigopoulos adds, “It was a massive day, but we were able to get everything we wanted and more. Our crew was on point. Chris was on point. Talent was on point. So today was a good day!” 

Folks can find the steamy video in its completion below, as the Tennessee native, along with the cast, portray the summer anthem throughout the cinematic video. The clip depicts the story of summer love beginning at a gas station as sparks fly between two people, who decide to take the plunge, in the end. 

Music Video

YouTube video

Released on Friday (July 21) and co-produced by Young with Corey Crowder and Chris DeStefano, “Young Love & Saturday Nights” includes the catchy guitar lick of David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.” Although Young didn’t write the tune (those credits go to Bowie, Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure, and Josh Thompson), the multi-platinum entertainer shared that he “immediately connected” with the song upon first listen. 

“When I first heard this song, I immediately connected with the groove and the lyrics with nods to so many things I can personally relate to,” Young shared in a press release. “It made me think back to when I first got started playing country dive bars, and it was the same kind of thing.”

“I drove a beat-up truck to and from gigs where I played music hoping the audiences would relate… and if I’m being honest, hoping the girls would like it too,” he continued. “Young love and Saturday nights are things that just go together, and this feels like one of those big summer songs where you just want to roll the windows down, crank up the volume, and just drive around to it.”

“Young Love & Saturday Nights,” recorded in the newly renovated Sony Music Publishing Studios Nashville, follows Young’s current single “Looking For You,” which continues its rise on the Billboard Country and Mediabase radio charts. 

For a complete list of Chris Young’s tour dates, click HERE. Be sure to catch Young’s exclusive BTS video for “Young Love & Saturday Nights” in the clip above. 

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