Exclusive Premiere: MAMADEAR Returns To Their Roots In Acoustic Video for ‘Steal Away’

MAMADEAR just dropped a brand new acoustic video for their catchy single, “Steal Away,” and they’re sharing the clip with…


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October 23, 2019

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MAMADEAR; Photo by Sean Fisher

MAMADEAR just dropped a brand new acoustic video for their catchy single, “Steal Away,” and they’re sharing the clip with Country Now readers first in this exclusive premiere.

In this video, the talented trio, comprised of Kelly Bradway, Dan Wilson and Parker Bradway, can be seen strumming on their instruments as they belt out the lyrics to “Steal Away,” while seated on bar stools. With Kelly taking lead vocals and her fellow bandmates effortlessly tackling the harmonies, MAMADEAR offers up a one-of-a-kind performance that is bound to grab the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere.

“I could be your alibi / your favorite kind of high / And if we leave it all behind / I’m okay / Let me love you recklessly / because I want you endlessly / Baby just come walk with me and steal away,” they sing, while sharing a message of getting out of town and spending time with the ones you love.

MAMADEAR, who originally formed on a front porch in 2014, came up with the name for their group after meeting a lovely lady from Tennessee, who possessed a homelike quality. So it’s no surprise that they felt right at home when they got together to turn “Steal Away” into a simplified, unplugged masterpiece. The trio even opened up about the nostalgia they felt while filming the Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard-directed clip.

“Shooting the acoustic video for ‘Steal Away’ reminded us of how we started on Kelly’s front porch,” Wilson told Country Now. “We love stripping our songs back to the roots of how we wrote them, and getting to do a simple arrangement like this was fun for us.”

Even though MAMADEAR loves staying close to their roots, they also continue to evolve and grow as artists, which means they’ve been able to connect with audiences outside of the US. Recently, they wrapped up a month-long residency in France where they opened for superstars like  John Legend, Enrique Iglesias, Sting and The Jacksons.

“Steal Away,” penned by the MAMADEAR along with their friend Stephanie Chapman, follows 2017’s “Summer Legs” and “Linger Longer.” More recently, the band celebrated the release of tracks “A Better Cigarette” and “Lost Cause.” Check out MAMADEAR’s acoustic version of “Steal Away” in the video above.

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