Exclusive Premiere: Matt Jordan Debuts Introspective New Song, ‘Runaway Heart’

Photo Courtesy Matt Jordan
Photo Courtesy Matt Jordan
Photo Courtesy Matt Jordan

Rising country singer/songwriter Matt Jordan won’t officially release his new single, “Runaway Heart,” until Friday (Jan. 22) but he’s giving Country Now readers a first listen with the exclusive premiere of the introspective track.

Jordan co-wrote “Runaway Heart” alongside Charlie Berry and Hunter Thomas Mounce and says the song’s reflective lyrics came from a very real place. 

“The greatest struggle of my adult life has been walking the fine line between complacency and contentment. I have everything I could ever ask for and more and I still find myself chasing something more,” he tells Country Now. “I never want to settle for less than I believe I deserve but I also want to be content with where I’m at and what I have. That feeling is what inspired ‘Runaway Heart.’ It’s kind of a song to myself, trying to remember to slow down, enjoy where I’m at without settling into complacency.”

“Runaway Heart” showcases the rising star’s gritty vocals and country/rock influences, drawing comparisons to the likes of artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Eric Church

The Missouri native hopes that listeners relate to the song and find a sense of peace within the lyrics. 

“We live in a fast-paced, rat race, climb the ladder society. It causes us to be restless and envious a lot of times,” Jordan notes. “My hope is that people hear this song and take a moment to be grateful for what they have. We’ll never have everything we want, but that doesn’t mean what we have isn’t good. I hope ‘Runaway Heart’ leads people to gratitude.”

Following the release of “Runaway Heart,” Jordan plans to continue to deliver new music throughout the year. And, if all goes as planned, he hopes to bring his music on the road later in the year. 

“I have a ton of new music coming out this year. More in 2021 than in 2020,” he shares. “My next single will come out in March with a music video to follow. While we don’t have any shows booked at the moment, we’re getting back to booking slowly. I’m hoping that my mid-late spring shows are close to back in full swing and we can book up summer and fall with a ton of shows.” 

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