Exclusive Premiere: Ned LeDoux Debuts Timely ‘The Mountain’ Single and Lyric Video

Ned LeDoux won’t release his new single “The Mountain” and accompanying lyric video until Friday (Dec. 3), but he is…


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December 2, 2021

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Photo Courtesy Ned LeDoux

Ned LeDoux won’t release his new single “The Mountain” and accompanying lyric video until Friday (Dec. 3), but he is giving readers of Country Now the first listen one day early in this exclusive premiere.

The song, which LeDoux penned solo, finds the high-energy performer, and son of the late Rodeo World Champion and entertainer Chris LeDoux, reuniting with the man upstairs as he takes in majestic views from the top of a mountain. Unlike anywhere else, the stillness of the spiritual place sets him free and gives him peace and perspective as he acknowledges how society can often be chaotic, unpredictable, and filled with challenges.

It’s a crazy world / It can bring you down / build you up / spin you around / unanswered questions / Never to be found / It’s a crazy world / And it can bring you down,” LeDoux sings the song’s message that aligns perfectly with today’s world.

“I’ve always felt closer to God when I’m in the mountains. It’s a good place to reconnect when you fall a bit off track. The mountain just has its way,” LeDoux told Country Now of the faith-filled track.

Alongside LeDoux‘s vocals, which, to some, may draw comparisons to Dierks Bentley, “The Mountain” also features a simple, driving beat, electric and steel guitars, and the sounds of a thunderous timpani throughout the catchy chorus.

Ned LeDoux - Buckskin
Ned LeDoux – Buckskin

“The Mountain” is the first single from LeDoux’s upcoming third full-length album, Buckskin. Produced by Mac McAnally, the 12-track project will also include LeDoux’s father’s iconic “He Rides The Wild Horse.” Buckskin, which follows previous albums Sagebrush and Next In Line, is slated for release on Friday (March 11, 2022), and will be available for pre-order, beginning Friday (Dec. 3) at all digital retailers.

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