Exclusive Premiere: Sibling Duo Juna N Joey Debut Acoustic Video for ‘Something Good To Miss’

Rising country-pop duo Juna N Joey are excited to share the acoustic video for their incredibly catchy single “Something Good…


Melinda Lorge

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June 1, 2021


10:00 am

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Juna N Joey; Photo by Nathan Pirkle

Rising country-pop duo Juna N Joey are excited to share the acoustic video for their incredibly catchy single “Something Good To Miss.” And, they’re premiering it exclusively for readers of Country Now.

This stunning, new clip follows the official music video for the song and opens with the young brother/sister duo looking casually dressed in matching-colored apparel. While seated beside each other, Juna N Joey take turns explaining the song’s lyrics, which tells the story of a narrator falling in love unexpectedly and being miles apart from that person. Despite the distance, the narrator realizes that time away gives them something to miss.

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“[This song is] about what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. You know, missing them never getting easier, and the goodbyes are always getting harder,” Juna, 16, explains. “But, despite the constant longing and heartache, they both have someone to come back to.”

“We wanted to create something completely different than any of our other originals,” Joey, 18, adds. “It is the feeling of missing someone every minute of the day – hence the lyrics, ‘24/7 365, you’re sneaking up, hanging out in my mind.’”

With Joey strumming chords on a guitar and Juna tapping her foot along to the acoustic rhythm, the charismatic duo launch into their feel-good, light-hearted song that has them showing listeners just how talented they truly are.

“Goodbyes get in the way / They never feel okay / But, oh, oh, oh / You should know / Just like my hometown you feel right to come on back to / Oh, you should know, oh, oh / 24/7 365, you’re sneaking up, hanging out in my mind / Til that next kiss / I hold onto this / I’ve got somethin’ good, somethin’ good to miss,” they sing, showcasing their flawless, signature harmonies and effortless vocal control throughout the chorus.

Juna N Joey opened up about the songwriting process behind “Something Good To Miss,” telling Country Now, “We co-wrote the track with Kayliann Lowe and Bill DiLuigi in Nashville. It describes the ‘tingly’ feeling when love is new, and you are separated by distance or circumstance. When writing this song, we tried to capture the butterflies you feel when anticipating the next time you’ll see the person you love!”

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Juna N Joey began learning music at a very early age. Aside from singing, both artists now collectively play several instruments including, guitar, piano, Cajon drums, violin, and saxophone. Once they became a duo, Juna N Joey found musical success online. After posting various cover songs on YouTube, they racked up over 7 million collective views on the platform.

“Something Good To Miss” is the first release from Juna N Joey’s upcoming EP, More Than Maybe, due out June 4.

Click above to watch the acoustic video for “Something Good To Miss” and click HERE to follow the duo on Instagram. 

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