Exclusive Premiere: ‘The Voice’ Alum Casi Joy Is In The ‘Business of Breaking Up’ On Brand New Track

Country-pop singer/songwriter Casi Joy won’t release her new song “Business of Breaking Up” until Friday (Aug. 12). But she has…


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August 11, 2022

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Photo Courtesy Casi Joy

Country-pop singer/songwriter Casi Joy won’t release her new song “Business of Breaking Up” until Friday (Aug. 12). But she has decided to share the track one day early for readers of Country Now in this brand new exclusive premiere. 

Co-written with Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber, “Business of Breaking Up” is a highly relatable track that focuses on being in the throes of a toxic relationship and making the judgment call to walk away from a manipulative partner. Joy finds herself choosing a breakup after coming to terms with the reality that a gaslighter has weighed her down with feelings of self-doubt. 

Photo Courtesy Casi Joy
Photo Courtesy Casi Joy

You double-crossed a line, can’t read between them / You made me lose my mind, still tryin’ to get even / We had plans, and we had dreams, promises I took personal / We can call it quits or just bad luck / I guess we’re in the business of breaking up,” Joy sings throughout the chorus of the song, as she draws the conclusion to end the relationship. 

Musically, Joy demonstrates conviction throughout the ballad by enunciating every heartbreaking lyric with clear diction. Her stunning powerhouse vocals shine over a smooth melody featuring light percussion, shakers, and a driving piano riff. 

Opening up about the writing process, Joy tells Country Now, “This song was born from a piano riff I wrote that I was afraid to put words to. When I closed my eyes, the instrumentation was like a memory of mine in a movie, and it wasn’t until I brought it to Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber that I had the courage to put pen to paper.”

“It was the first co-write where I shed actual tears, so I clearly knew I needed to write this song,” she continued. “‘Business of Breaking Up’ is about being in a relationship knowing you’re being manipulated, walking on eggshells, and questioning everything you say before they can twist your words. In that scenario, I finally got the courage to get down to business, stand up for myself, and completely end it there. I hope by putting my story out into the world, it will encourage others to do the same.”

Photo Courtesy Casi Joy
Photo Courtesy Casi Joy

“Business of Breaking Up” follows Joy’s bubbly track “Everything’s Fine,” which The Voice alum also penned with Klump and Tauber. Joy is currently taking her music on the road, traveling from state to state on her “The Joy Ride” tour bus that she furnished herself. Next stops include Oklahoma City, OK., on Friday (Aug. 12) and Broken Bow, OK., on Sat. (Aug. 13). 

Be sure to listen to “Business of Breaking Up” in the above clip. 

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